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I’m a backpack purse kind of girl – why? Because I’m constantly losing everything.

That’s why I’ve given up on purses, because I can’t go somewhere without leaving that behind too. No joke, I left my purse with my laptop, wallet, and everything else in a bush. Ross & I were doing a photoshoot, I needed it out of the way off the sidewalk so I promptly moved it. Well, we drove home and I didn’t realize until I needed my laptop my purse was nowhere to be scene. Luckily it was downtown Franklin, and by the time I drove back to go search the bushes, a kind soul had already Facebook messaged me saying they found my bag. At the time, I still had a Texas ID, which was bit confusing. I pulled up to the bush as a frazzled mess, with tears running down my cheeks and the kind couple that found my purse waiting for me. I thanked them profusely while they laughed and asked how my purse wound up in a bush. LOL. Side story over.

ANYWAY, I’m now a big fan of the backpack purse. I feel like I can’t lose it when it’s constantly on my body! Not only do I love the functionality, the styles of a backpack have come a long way! I definitely recommend a leather or faux leather to appear more “purse like” instantly. A bonus is getting a cool texture, shape or design to make more of a fashion statement than I’m a little girl going to school statement. The Rebecca Minkoff Mini Julian will forever be my favorite! She’s constantly coming out with new colors – but I have ZERO complaints about grey because it works in all seasons – summer and winter! Note I said mini – the smaller sized backpacks also help keep the bulk down to make the backpack purse more of a dainty accessory.

Rebecca Minkoff Julian Purse Review

The purse you see in the photos is  Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack purse and it’s my most used “purse” in my closet!

I’ve had my Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack Purse for over 3 years and it’s still my most used purse! Rebecca Minkoff is high quality, real leather and the gray color works for all four seasons – honestly more versatile than black in my opinion! It goes with every single color palette and the gold hardware is perfect! The Julian Backpack has so many pockets and the mini size is perfect for going out, yet still fits the essentials! Highly recommend!

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Shop some of my favorite mini backpack purses below – many are under $30! Some retailers I like for mini backpacks are:



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