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The Coziest Sweatpants, Joggers, and Loungewear

Coming from someone who’s worked from home for 5 years and counting….I know my loungewear materials! Soft, cozy, stretchy, extra warm, comfortable elastic waist bands….I got you covered. I’m excited to pass along 5 years of testing out the best sweatpants with you! Not only will I break down each of my favorite pairs – I will also tell if you if they are appropriate to leave the house in or not.

My top 2 picks for sweatpants (the ultimate winners) happen to be athleisure materials – I personally think they last longer than just a PJ material that might pill faster.


Lululemon Ready to Rulu Pants

These are my “original” sweatpant joggers. Well if you’re not counting the Victoria’s Secret PINK neon pants with LOVE PINK plastered all over the butt – these are my first “real” and “mature” pair of sweatpants. Anyway, they rein queen in my collection, with 3 pairs in 3 colors over the years. If you know the lululemon Rulu material, you know. Soft, stretchy, thick, but not too thick, just overall AMAZING. The waistband doesn’t dig in. And over the years, I’ve seen improvements! They are more high waist now and a touch thinner so I don’t get as hot in my newer pair vs the older style. The mauve color is the latest Rulu style from 2019 – the blue and black ones are probably from 2016-2017 and still look GOOD AS NEW with 100 washings and over 300 wears each.  The life of these sweatpants is stilling going on strong!

Also, the last positive, you feel like you can go out and about in these and look cute. Tuck in a little white tee, throw on a baseball hat and some Nike sneakers and BOOM you are presentable in a casual athleisure look. The jogger style and tight ankle makes them look better!

BEST LULULEMON READY TO RULU DUPE: Target JoyLab Midrise Cozy Jogger (similar waistband, I’ve tried them on in person and like them!),  Target JoyLab Slounge Trousers $30 or C9 Champion Mid Rise Fleece Joggers $25 or Zella Joggers $75. 

And one more Lululemon to mention…the Align Joggers! The same material as the lovely Aligns, but in a looser form. I like them better than leggings for wearing around the house all day!



Outdoor Voices Cloud Knit

If you are looking for a multi-purpose legging / lounge pant – this is it my friend! I don’t think there’s a comfier and tighter pair of sweatpants out there. Very similar to the Lululemon Ready to Rulu material, but a little thinner. These are tighter on the butt and look more like leggings – but not tight and uncomfortable like leggings. I’ve had these for 4 years and they still don’t look old! I’ve probably worn these over 200 times too. You can tell I wear sweatpants everyday already. I only have 1 pair, the heather grey, but I reeeeally want a second pair in the hunter green for something different but still neutral.

BEST OUTDOOR VOICES DUPE: Zella Restore Jogger $75 or  Aerie Play Pocket & Cuff Legging $37



Sweaty Betty – Garudasana Yoga Pants

The Lululemon, Outdoor Voices, and Sweaty Betty are on heavy rotation. The Sweaty Betty I particularly love for the waist band – as the material is pretty similar to Outdoor Voices and Lululemon. The waistband isn’t super tight, doesn’t leave marks on your stomach even if you wear it all day, and overall it feels good. The thighs / butt are loose on these – I wear them in public but they do look more like house pants since they do have a baggier look to them. They do get tighter around the calf, so the fit does kind of remind me of a men’s pant style. The weight on these is lighter than the lululemon, but maybe a hair heavier than the Outdoor Voices cloud knit.

Can’t handle the Sweaty Betty price tag? Target makes a super similar option for almost 75% less!

BEST SWEATY BETTY DUPE: JoyLab Cozy Jogger Pants at Target $35




 Of course, my two favorites happen to be the most expensive. Funny how that works, right?

Aerie though, coming in hot with affordable comfy options!! I’ve only ever tried them on / felt them in store, because you know I’ve been on a #nospend streak. I REALLY want these and if I had unlimited shopping funds I would already have them. Just because I don’t own them doesn’t mean I don’t recommend them! I personally want the pocket and play legging that are tight fitting.



Calia By Carrie and Zella 

I love these 2 brands as well for a great athleisure material! Zella you can usually find some good deals on Nordstrom Rack here. They make more of the athleisure materials over cozy sweatpant material, however I do have a cozy, sweatshirt material pair from Calia by Carrie – the Effortless Leggings pictured below in purple!




In general, I want to call out the most affordable retailer that offers a ton of different styles! Target has even cheaper prices than Calia by Carrie and Zella. If you are looking for more athleisure / athletic material, they have that, and they also have super cozy and soft PJ material. These are all my favorite from Target, I always touch them when I go by them in the aisles, lol.



Fabletics has affordable prices – 2 for $24 leggings or joggers when you first sign up! They have new monthly outfits, so it’s hard to keep this post “evergreen” with links – but click here to bring you to the Fabletics search page with all their current joggers / sweatpants!



Alo Yoga – Muse Sweatpant

I mean….just look at how soft these ribbed joggers look. I want them. Now.



All of their items in the SoftAF collection are soft AF. I love their sweatpants, and the new ruffle trim sweatpants are catching my eye for more of an out on the town look than in the house.



Nike Vintage Capri 

I bought these when I was still in college, probably 2013 range, and I still wear these ALL THE TIME. They are pretty worn in now, but I love the capri length and thinner material because I never get too hot at home. These are my “watch tv lounge pants under the covers” kind of pant.

What sweatpant brands do you love that I should add to my list? Comment below!



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