12 Ways to Save Money during the Holiday Season

Anyone else do a little overspending for Black Friday??? Regardless of what season it is, I’m ALWAYS looking to save money (because I’m always spending it on clothes so I’m trying to make up for it in other ways). Whatever your reason, SAVING MONEY IS SEXY. SAVING MONEY IS GREAT. SAVING MONEY MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD. So let’s all to try and save that money this month…or the next one!!  Here are 11 ideas for you to help reach your savings goal this month. Some ideas are long term savings ideas, and some are quick ways to keep a little extra cash flow going for the month when you have higher spending in other categories like gifts. So let’s get saving!!

In addition to these budget tips, I also did a No Spend Month as a Fashion Blogger here, and the No Spend Month Recap on how well I did here!

1. Unsubscribe ALL subscriptions for the month

Everything. You do not need that FabFitFun Box this month. Or NatureBox. Or BarkBox. Or Fabletics.  Everything but Netflix or Hulu. Those don’t really count as subscriptions anymore. But really, check your card statements. You’ll be surprised what trickles in there from subscriptions you say you’ll cancel then don’t. One time I had an Easy Shipping $30 monthly membership reoccurring for this 1 time I had to create a shipping label and it was cheaper on this website than USPS.

2. Skip getting your nails done – no manis or pedis

I know. It took me a while to get over not having perfect nails. I used to associate it so much with being “put together” and “polished”. I didn’t feel dressed without having perfectly painted nails. So now throughout the year I don’t get my nails done, and save it for special occasions only, like my birthday, Christmas, and/or other appropriate times for photoshoots when I would regret not having painted nails in the photo.

Personally, I can’t stand regular nail polish because it chips on me in 1 day, so I’d rather have non painted nails than chipped nails. Once you get over the hump and accepting not having perfect nails all time (or if you can’t stand the thought you can look into at house gel polish kits, I’ve thought about it!) Skipping getting your nails done for the month is an EASY ~$100 back in your pocket.

3. Do not buy anything in bulk

This tip really only works when you’re trying to increase your cash flow for the month, not save money in the long run. Avoid Costco and Sam’s Club this month unless you REALLY need something. Overall, the prices are better for the size, but it can last you months. Try to use what you have in the house and don’t stock up on supplies. I’m always surprised at how high my total is at those stores during checkout.

4. Sell your clothes! Sell things around the house. Sell Anything you don’t use online

The internet is a wonderful thing. Not only can you buy almost anything, you can SELL almost anything. I’m going to write a full blog post / tutorial on selling tips and tricks, as I’ve been making money this way since high school. Quick rundown on the best apps out there to sell your stuff:

  • Mercari – personally, my new favorite. They only take a 10% cut, and flexible shipping prices for buyers based on weight. No tax for the buyer either (Poshmark just started taxing the buyer). Top designer brands don’t sell as well here – but brands like Lululemon, Free People, Tory Burch, RayBan, Jcrew, Urban Outfitters, LOFT, basically the whole mall. Even “no brands” or clothes from a boutique sell here. And don’t just limit yourself to clothes! Mercari is king on selling RANDOM items. I’ll tell you the weirdest item that sold for me – Nail Polish. Yup. I stopped painting my own nails and bundled up a few together and sold a set of nail polish for $10. I’ve also sold an old George Forman Grill, a SUITCASE (for only $20 then buyer also paid $30 for shipping), water bottles, makeup (like eye shadow pallets) just random RANDOM things. I did this big purge when I was moving and was shocked at how many things in the kitchen sold. It will turn into a fun game of what can you sell. And the $10 here and there adds up.
  • Poshmark – love/hate relationship. Hate that they take 20% commission – that’s a huge chunk when you’re selling under $20 items. They also just started charging buyers tax, and it’s a flat rate shipping of $7. So from a buyer perspective, they want your stuff cheaper here because of those extra fees, and you want a little more because of the 20% cut. However, there are buyers on here and clothes sell well! I would stick to just clothes for this app.
  • Ebay – the least user friendly of all the apps because there are (too many questions to answer when uploading an item. Ebay feels more “official” so those random things around your house probably won’t sell here. But any major designer brands do sell –like Gucci, Tory Burch, etc. So if you want to sell a more designer item this is probably the spot. Ebay also only takes 10% so I’d rather sell something designer here than Poshmark.

5. Don’t go to Starbucks or coffee shops – Buy your K-Cups from Amazon $28 for 100 cups 

It’s easy to break the habit if it’s just you driving to work and going through the drive thru or order pick up. Simply make your own at home and stop being lazy.  It’s harder when you’re going to meet friends to catch up and work. Get creative and try to find a spot to meet where you don’t have to spend money – like a fancy hotel lobby. 

6. If you’re going out to eat / for drinks, make it a mission to only go to a place with happy hour / specials.

Whoever you’re going out with, 99% sure they will be on board to save money too and go somewhere with a great special. Make it fun game to try and discover the best happy hour in the city. There are so many different guides on Eater and other city food publishing guides / food Instagrams  (NashvilleGuru is a go to).

7. Find an Accountability Partner

This aligns with number 6 – everybody loves saving money. Please tell me who doesn’t. And don’t say Kim Kardashian. Tell your friend or significant other your trying to save money. I bet once you say you have that mindset they will be happy too and you can be frugal together! And hence, do something like suggestion number 6.

8. BYOB alcohol to the Bar

Definitely more of a practice for my immediate post college years (I don’t do this as much anymore because I don’t go out as much) but you can save some serious dough at the bar avoiding buying drinks. This was such a signature move for my old Austin Texas Roomie/BFF and I. It didn’t help we also had a side hustle promoting liquor at stores so our cabinet was also stuffed silly with endless ¾ full bottles of free liquor we got to bring home after sampling it to customers. Since we always had it on hand, we’d pour it into PLASTIC flasks (the kind that squish up) and it can be disguised anywhere. I am NOT a rule follower, so I’ve even snuck in into concerts (and it can get through the metal machine since there’s no metal FYI) by stuffing it in my bra, my OTK boots, etc. This one you can get creative with. Marisa (my old roommate) would bring Mio to the bar and ask for water and use that for chaser with whatever was in the flask.

9. Considering putting a month hold on your gym/fitness membership

This one may not be possible for all of you, but if you’re self motivated enough to still work out on your own / at home this could work to save you some money for the month. I know my barre studio lets you put a hold on your account if needed, and I did this one month when I was travelling the entire time. While I wasn’t going to the studio, I took online workouts using their app.  There are tons of at home programs you can get directly on your phone – like the SWEAT app or Kelsey Wells. Many of them are only about $20 a month, with free months for new users. You can find free apps but I don’t love them as much as the paid apps.

10. Make a List before going to the store

Oh the store. The grocery store and target specifically. Basically, don’t go to Target during the holiday season if you are trying to save money. Just the regular grocery store and stick to your list / budget. It will take some time to plan out our meals before you head the store, but worth it for both healthy, yummy food that’s more budget friendly. You’ll avoid buying all the snacks you see in the aisles.

11. Do not fall for the marketing email traps unless it’s on your Christmas List

I will not say go as far as “unsubscribe” or unfollow your fav bloggers, you’ve got to have more control than that. Because what if they do share something that you would be helpful to know is on sale because its on a Christmas list/a great gift for someone. BUT – the stores email marketing at this time really amps up. Don’t browse the website unless you think there will be a good gift on sale for someone on your list.

12. Start using an app like Qapital or Acorns

I started using the savings app Qapital back in August and Ross started with Acorns. I’ll start with Qapital since I use it:


  • Qapital has a few different plans, $3 a month for the ITTT savings rules, and $6 for the savings rules + investment access. In the 4 months I’ve had it, I’ve saved more than I excepted with the rules scenarios. I only set up the “round up rule” so far – so every time I buy something, I round up to $2 (can choose your amount $1, $5, etc) and the extra money goes into your savings account in qapital. With this rule alone, I saved an extra $200 in 4 months. I’m starting to explore and add other rules, like the 52 week rule – where each week you increase how much you save by $1 for 52 weeks. By week 52 (end of year) I’ll save $1,378. Even though its $3 a month, I wouldn’t have been saving this money otherwise if I didn’t do this rules based savings. There’s a ton of other rules you can add to make it more fun to save money (ie every time there’s a charge at Starbucks $10 goes into savings).
  • The second part of Qapital is their investment plan (Complete plan) for $6 a month. You get the rules based functionality described above as well. For Qapital investments, you choose the level of risk your willing to make in investments, and then you add money to that account and it invests it for you. Easy way to go into the stock market without actually having to do any work. You can set up the ITTT rules as well for your investment account.


  • Acorns is only $1 – $3 month, and takes it’s basically the same thing as above but only for investments, so all the money you are saving is reinvested. Both apps are pretty similar, so it’s up to you on which one you’d prefer.

What other tips do you have to save money this month? Comment below!!

And again, if you want to do a “No Spend” month – I highly recommend it! You can read about what it entails here and the recap of how well I did here.


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