#doingthings with Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices slogan couldn’t speak to me more #doingthings.I love their simplistic philosophy centered around encouraging people to be outside and DO SOMETHING, and less about competition and performance.

It’s not about being the most athletic, the fastest, or the strongest. It’s just about getting outside and #doingthings, Outdoor Voices is actually a play on saying when you were little,“indoor voices” – representing the free spirited and fun-loving nature of the brand.

#doingthings can be anything from walks with friends to hiking Mt. Everest.I whipped out my rollerblades over the weekend – the freshly paved neighborhood roads were too tempting! I whipped around smiling and giggling while Ross filmed, and he’s now fully expected to join the blade brigade. It brought me back to elementary school days, blading around the neighborhood with my bestie for hours, who’s currently #doingthings in NYC as the co-founder of Sweats & the City.

Not only do I love the brand story and Outdoor Voices community (it’s founded in Austin, TX and they always had community events #doingthings outside), I love the design and material quality. The Spring Leggings are hands down my favorite, in all colors. They rotate their colors seasonally, so get the limited edition colors (like pink!) now before their gone! P.S. – they are opening a store in 12South here in Nashville this fall! I’ll be sure to share the outdoor community events they organize and the grand opening announcement!

SHOP // Leggings // Crop Top Bra // Rollerblades

SHOP // Leggings // Crop Top Bra // Rollerblades

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