Why you Should Give ClassPass a Try

Everyone is different when it comes to finding a system for working out, exercise, or personal time. If you are someone who’s still lost in finding the motivation, time or effectiveness in workouts, ClassPass is a great way to discover what’s best for you.

Wearing Alo Yoga outside Pure Barre – an available studio on ClassPass.Shop my look at the bottom of the post!

Whatever your goals, ClassPass is a flexible way to try
different fitness studios in your city and allows you to experience using your
body in ways you haven’t before. It’s
a monthly membership-based service that grants you access to hundreds of
fitness studios in your city (40+
cities available
) and beyond.

The benefits of
ClassPass: Flexibility, Choice & Accountability

With the easy to use app, there’s no excuse to miss your daily
workout when you have access to so many classes at your fingertips.

  • Flexibility
    for time & location:
    Because you have access to so many studios and
    their schedules, you have endless options there’s bound to be one that fits
    into your day – regardless of the part of town you’re near. You can also access
    studios in other cities at no cost, a huge plus for travelers!
  • Choice of
    Studio / Workout Style:
    There’s barre, yoga, pilates, cycling, boxing, boot
    camp, zumba, gym time, you name it!
  • Accountability
    for committing to class: Fitness Studio Type
    – You’re paying for the
    service, so you are more likely to use it. There’s also $10 late cancel and $20
    no show fees, so once you commit, you’re committed.

I started ClassPass about 3 years ago while I was visiting
my friend in NYC, who since then created @Sweatsandthecity. She raved about ClassPass, and said I could join her at yoga after work if I purchased
a membership. ClassPass was something I’d been considering for a while, but I
REALLY wasn’t sold on the $90/month plan (varies by city).

With a boost of encouragement and $30 off first month trial, I committed to
completing the trial month. In addition to that, I was determined to maximize
my $ spent, and went to class every. Single. Day.

After the 30 days, I was addicted to the app. It was more than app, but a lifestyle
choice that helped me prioritize my workouts into my daily routine
. I loved
the freedom of being able to find a class any time of the day, with whatever workout
my body needed. In the mood to work hard & sweat? Boot camp. Sore from boot
camp yesterday? Yoga.

A testament to how worth it is – 3 years later, I STILL pay
for it, even with the pricing changes (more info on that below). I’ve
stayed loyal because I value the flexibility – I travel often and the flex to
other cities is the golden ticket for me.

Overall, ClassPass
completely changed my views on working out.
Fitness studios are amazing
communities, with knowledgeable instructors that truly care about you. After 3
years of learning proper form & techniques in a variety of workouts, I
still choose to go to classes daily. I
love the way instructors motivate you to push yourself harder each and every
class, along with the people in the room.

So, what’s the cost
of fitness classes?


Before I explain ClassPass pricing, let’s set the basics on
fitness studio pricing. Drop in classes range from $20 – $35ish. Class-packs (usually
5 – 50 at once) go for $12-22 a class; sometimes studios run specials for as
low as $10 a class.If you want an
unlimited membership, they run for $90 – $200ish a month.

I used to think fitness studio pricing was too much, and
settled on free gym access at my apartment complex. However, the results,
accountability, and enjoyment I received from going to classes were well worth
paying $90 for.

The Latest ClassPass
Pricing Model: The pitfalls of a credit system


About 6 months ago, ClassPass switched to a credit system, and pricing stayed the same at $90 a month. Instead of 10 classes a month, you
now have 60 credits a month. At first, classes
“cost” 6 credits, so it didn’t have an impact to the number of classes you got
to take, until recently.

For the past 3 months, more studios are increasing the number
of credits for a class.There are almost
no classes available for 6 credits,
always 7+. If you visit a studio more than once, the cost to that particular
studio may go up to 12 – 15 credits.That’s using 25% of your credit allowance for the month in 1 class,
unless you want to buy more.

ClassPass communicates the benefit of this model allows for
actual demand of classes. They advertise that less popular class times, and studios
with less technical equipment, cost a lower number of credits.Since all classes now appear to be over 6
credits, it seems like ClassPass considers all of their classes “popular”.

Overall Verdict:


With the new pricing model, it’s not cheaper to use ClassPass
anymore. You might as well buy from the studio directly, and more likely to be
guaranteed a spot in class. Another sustainable way to use ClassPass is using
it as a supplement to gym or at-home workouts to keep it cost effective. Depending
on the number of times you’d like to workout a week, below are my

If you are just
starting to get into working out / want to discover a fitness routine that’s best
for your body:

Most definitely ClassPass! I think it’s the best way to
explore your options and find the right fit, even if you don’t use it for long.
You can find the studio right for you and switch to a membership there.

If you workout 1 – 2x
a week

ClassPass will work great for you! You will be fine with the
60-credit allowance to meet your goals.

If you workout 3x a

Give ClassPass a try to see the average credits for the
studios you like. If they are low, keep ClassPass. If credits are high, I pick
your favorite studios to buy class packs from directly.

If you work out 5x+ a

If you use class pass only, you WILL end up spending more
money instead of an unlimited membership at one studio. If you can find a well-rounded
studio you love, I suggest converting over to their unlimited plan. Another
option is keeping ClassPass, but switching to going to the gym 50% of the time.

I encourage you to try ClassPass if you haven’t used it
already. Grab a friend, sign up, and book
your first class together!

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