The Perfect Summer Concert Outfit: Taylor Swift Edition

It’s summer and you’re probably grabbing drinks outside, taking pictures, or rushing to get ready. Either way, you’re hot, but by the time you get inside to the concert venue, they have the A/C blasting and goosebumps form immediately. That’s when the built in blanket is key – a maxi dress! Not just for concerts, but anytime I have a hunch the A/C will be unbearable inside, I reach for a maxi dress. Bonus if it has a slit and wrap style.

This cozy, soft wrap dress worn to Taylor Swift, was a steal I found at Forever 21 a few years ago, at only $15. If you’re in the mood, it’s worth digging there for some staple style steals. I’ll follow up soon with tops on how you can actually stand stopping there without being overwhelmed and annoyed. I’ve linked a few similar ones below. Since I keep reaching for the same dress every time we go to a concert lately, I’ll shop for more & will post exact maxi dresses to shop soon!

Obviously, a red lip is absolutely necessary for a Taylor Swift concert, and the outfit was built around the expectation of wearing red lipstick. My old roomie @Marisa Cabral introduced me to Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick as a Christmas gift. It seriously doesn’t budge – I can eat, brush my teeth, drink, and it’s still all there. It doesn’t dry out or look like your lips are chapped either – highly recommend! Exact link below.

The clutch comes with a story – I debated bringing it because I always end up leaving something behind. This particular J.Crew clutch is notorious from staying in the Uber for an extra lap or two around the block with different passengers. Well, this night was no different and I left it outside on a bench waiting for our ride to the hotel. The one pictured is the medium pouch, however the one linked is the large size.

I feel like I should introduce myself a bit more to the Internet, if you’ve never met me. Context clues for upcoming stories – my boyfriend’s name is Ross, we live in Nashville, TN. A majority of the time he travels for work, and I love tagging along. I usually do I own thing at the hotel, explore the city, and find a fitness studio on ClassPass. The best part is spending time together after work for the day.

Next up – Recapping the Taylor Swift Reputation Tour debut, where I wore the dress. Lots of love for Taylor below. 

I just turned 26, yesterday, which hasn’t really processed. Probably because I consider the entire month of May my birthday month and don’t like to limit myself to one day of celebrations. Oh, and I love Taylor Swift & never sorry about it.

Part of the May birthday celebration was traveling to Phoenix, AZ. Ross had a work/golf trip, so I was 100% on board to hang out at the pool. 3 days before our trip, birthday plans started coming together. Taylor Swift realeased previews of her upcoming Reputation tour on InstaStories daily. As an avid watcher, I finally put the pieces together I was going to be in Phoenx during the first of her first show in 3 years. Cue a freak out call to Ross, jumping in excitement on news and updated agenda.

As mentioned, I’m a little obsessed with Taylor Swift. It’s
like there a middle school girl still inside me that squeals in excitement for
T. I admire her for how she’s navigated growing up in the spotlight, the fact
that she’s a marketing genius, and her impeccable storytelling.
The media
crafted her image for her starting when she was 16, framing her in whatever
light they please with no regards that she’s an actual human with feelings. On
why she’s a marketing genius – it comes down to detail. She always finds a way
to connect to you, making you feel like it’s just you and her and you’re best
friends. The way she speaks to you at concerts, the way she has her team put
light-up wristbands in every seat of the arena so she can see everyone, and the
way she expresses her feelings in her lyrics. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s 2
years older than me – so by the time the album comes out I’m feeling the exact
same way she felt 2 years ago, just in different shoes.

Regardless of how you feel about Taylor Swift, she can put on an amazing show. The Reputation Tour did not disappoint. 

The 3 stages, giant snakes, flames, & light effects – the entire production was top-notch. Tie in the perfect set list blending new & old songs – the tour was amazing. Favorite throwbacks include All Too Well, Love Story, Blank Space, and Style.

Thank you Ross for the early birthday treat, and experiencing Taylor for the first time with me. I had an amazing time screaming the lyrics to every word, making friends with the group of 8 -12 year olds behind us, and listening to you sing a few words along with me (because everybody knows them whether you want to or not).


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