Spring Front Porch Decor with Old Time Pottery

Spring is already in full bloom! To celebrate the days getting longer and the weather warming up, I’ve teamed up with Old Time Pottery to share spring front porch decor ideas and how to style flower pots. Old Time Pottery is the place to go for all your planter and flower pot needs!

For some reason – flower pots are SO expensive. Unless you know where to look! Old Time Pottery has rows and rows of flower pot selections – ranging from lightweight plastic to actual heavy duty pottery. Not only are they high quality and unique in both colors and shapes – they are actually affordable. I purchased 4 large outdoor pots and 3 indoor plant pots for less than $100! Seriously – it’s the best place I’ve found that has the cheapest and widest selection of flower pots.

Flower pots are the perfect way to dress up your front porch and greet your guests with a little bit of happiness.  For a spring front porch decor idea – I always like to add a bit of color! Blue is usually a great color that pairs well with any color flower.  In regards to plastic vs pottery – I do prefer the actual pottery pots, because of the hand-painted look. Each color and pot is unique, which is something I love. I technically got the same color/style in all four pots, however you can see the subtle color differences, which I think makes it look better with a mix’n’match type of feel.

I feel like pots are the some of the best purchases you can make from Old Time Pottery, hence the name of the store! The pots really are great!

You can style your pots with whatever flower that suits you best – just make sure to pick out a sun or shade plant depending on the amount of sunlight your porch gets. To add finishing touches to your porch, you can add a wreath, doormat and rug. Old Time Pottery has a great selection of festive, spring doormats!

In addition to planting outdoors, I also got a few pots for my window sill inside my kitchen! I really want to start a garden, but taking baby steps to get there. I attempted my first garden plant last year, however my zucchini never bloomed, so this year I’m starting smaller with a few herbs. I got these $3 mini pots from Old Time Pottery for basil, rosemary and parsley. Next up – adding mint for fresh mojitos!


To get more front porch styling ideas, you can see my fall front porch here!

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