Fall Front Porch Decor: Styling Tips

Whether you have a large porch, small porch, or back porch in an apartment, there’s always room for some fall décor! Since decorating is seasonal, I also believe it shouldn’t cost an arm and leg to add some cheerful touches. Watch the video below for an easy, budget friendly, and transitional way to decorate your front porch for fall.The rug and lanterns are transitional for every season!

YouTube Video on How I Styled My Front Porch





Tip #1: LANTERNS are always in season

Picking a larger focal point item that’s going to look good YEAR ROUND, that’s not specific to season or holiday, is KEY for staying on budget. Lanterns are a perfect edition to any porch.

Depending on how much space you have and the layout of our porch, I recommend pairing decorations within close proximity in three’s. Options include one large, one medium, and one small lantern, or mixing up a lantern or a plant.For me, I only had 2
lanterns, so keep the “threes” look, I used pumpkins mixed into the lantern scene.TBD on what I’ll replace the pumpkins with after the fall.

If you have equal room on both sides of the door, I recommend doing something similar to “keep it even.” If you have a more uneven porch like me, the lanterns only fit on one side, which still works!

Tip #2 Double Up the Rugs

An easy way to take up space – multiple rugs! I recommend a Jute Rug in a size that takes up a majority of our porch, mine is 3×5. 4×6 might be another option for you. You can keep this out year round, then swap the doormat for each season. I love the fall leaves print because it can last
Sept – November. Getting a rug “Halloween” themed limits you to October.

Tip #3 Add Height

Seasonal décor is the perfect way to add an additional height dimension to your front porch. In the fall, use corn husks! I found them for only $6 at my local farmers market. Around the holiday season, transition to garland.

Tip #4: Use your resources!

Twigs and branches are popular to add to flower pots or lanterns near the front door. However, have you ever looked up the price of fake branches? They are EXPENSIVE. I pulled out a bundle, was like PERFECT this is only $6! Then I realized, it was $6, per branch. And I needed about 10
branches. $60 for FAKE twigs? No thank you. I proceeded to go home to the backyard and pick some small branches off the trees, and got the same look for FREE!

What other tips do you have for decorating the front porch? Do you have anything that works great through multiple seasons? Comment below!

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