Best White Sneakers for Women

I only have 2 pairs of white sneakers – so who am I to know what’s best? That’s why I asked all of YOU to send me your favorite pairs! Here’s a collective roundup, with reviews and real life pictures, for you to help decide which are the best white sneakers for you! I got everything from the white Nike Air Force 1’s to brands on Amazon.

Originally – I had 2-3 top contenders (Superga and Veja) because I already have the white Converse shoreline and platform Keds, so I was looking for more of a “sneaker” style to wear with dresses. But now, all of your amazing submissions made the choice even harder!

Let’s see where they stacked up in the list – the order listed is the frequency of a mention of a brand for their “ranking” order.

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Now back to the best white sneakers list!



1. Superga

Especially if you are looking for a platform….Superga is the way to go! Basic white, but with an elevated look. Reviews from everyone who recommended are super comfy!! Superga was most frequently recommended!


2. Converse

Tried and true, you can NEVER go wrong with Converse! I went with the Shoreline style to elongate my legs more. As a shorter person, I tend to gravitate towards lower cut styles / ankles showing to create the illusion my legs are longer. Or the platform style for more height but still comfortable! You may want to size down a half size in Converse! Also recommended by @xoxosarahcole!


3. Nike

If you have more of street style vibes, Nike Air Force 1 are probably your go to white shoe. I want to like these, but will I be able to pull them off? Personally, I feel more like a Superga girl for every occasion and a white Nike Air Force 1 girl for only the occasional outfit. Totally a personal style preference!


4.  Adidas

Adidas is obviously on the list – the Superstar style was all the range a few years ago. Tons of color options for you on the Adidas stripe color – from black to iridescent.


5. Veja

These are probably the most “designer” on this list – in terms of you can purchase them at places like Revolve, Intermix, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom etc.  More of a street style / sneaker looking shoe – they offer a few color combos from “gummy” nude soles to all white! These look like more of a “cool girl” shoe than any of the others on the list.

Submitted by the ultimate cool girl of casual style: @sammielevin


6. Keds 

Another true classic – Keds! Keds are always a safe bet and will match anything – I actually have an off white platform pair! It was a limited edition style that has a lace print on it – I love finding something that’s plain – but a touch of something extra. The gold lace holes below are a favorite of what’s available now!


7. Naturalizer

Surprisingly, multiple people sent me this recommendation! Naturalizer wasn’t even on my radar, but after your raving reviews of comfort + mesh style shoe – these are totally up my alley!! I love how they aren’t just basic white and have an extra design element.


8. Cole Haan – Margo White Sneakers

“I’ve literally walked miles in them at a time, so comfy and cute!” Review from @iammarygracehenslee. She sold me, LOL. I’ve always looked at the Cole Haan shoes and wanted them! And currently available at Nordstrom Rack! 


9. Vans

I’m VERY into the white / tan Van styles – but it took me awhile to make me a believer. I always associated Vans with middle school, all black outfits, skateparks, and “emo” vibes. You know the black and white check vans. I feel like they are cool again, but that will always be the first imagery that fills my head when I hear the word Vans.  Some of recommended them as well!!


10. Puma

Platform sneakers with a fancy touch of satin shoe laces? YES PLEASE. Thanks for the recommendation @jenlikethedrink! When I tried to find them, they were apparently a hit because they are pretty much sold out with the satin laces. I did find some other Pumas below though!


11. Dr. Scholls

Okay I’m not 100% sure if I got this as an actual submission, but my girl Kelsey ( posted these on her stories the other day raving about the comfort. I can attest to Dr. Schools – I have a pair of flats (and I normally hate flats) but they provide amazing arch support and very cushiony! So I can image the sneaker version has even more support.


12. American Eagle 

I never thought to look for shoes at American Eagle – and wow – I am pleasantly surprised! Scrolling to find the white sneakers, I passed by a few amazing booties and boots for reasonable prices! Definitely worth a browse through their shoe collection – who knew?! Submitted by – @allyson.elise


13. Vepose – Amazon Find for $35

One of the most affordable pairs on the list – an Amazon find! So you can get them in a day if you’re in a bind. @lazyboond sent me a few pics of her wearing them – so cute!! Submitted by @thelayzblonde


14. Rothy’s

Last but not least – Rothy’s! Known for their flats – they’ve expanded their show collection and offer more shoes as well! The slides are currently sold out but the lace ups are in stock!


15. Dolce Vita

I’ve tried a few Dolce Vita shoes and love them! their white sneakers have a perforated design adding a different element to the traditional white sneaker! I have a pair of sneaker slides that have a very squishy / soft sole – so I bet their sneakers are really comfortable too! If you’re into the sparkly design – they make these in black sparkles + a few other prints.


16. Soludos

One of my favorite brands for wedges – they also make a great white sneaker! Love the hint of nude at the back of the heel.


17. Sam Edelman / Marc Fisher

Sam Edelman and Marc Fisher have a more affordable price point – usually under $100 and sometimes down to $50 – $60 on sale.


Notice how Golden Goose isn’t on the list? I just think its absolutely CRAY to buy a $500 pair of tennis shoes that look DIRTY.  There I said it. I genuinely think they look dirty lol.  I’ll let you quote me on this if I someday buy a pair. Maybe I will put my feet inside of a pair and determine the padding is worth $500. Only time will tell – I am not at a place in my life where I’m casually going to drop $500 on a pair of shoes.  I don’t not like them, I just don’t think you need a $500 name brand to look stylish (when you can get actual, bright white comfortable shoes above on this list for a fraction of the cost). Each to their own! If you own them, I hope you LOVE THEM and wear them every day!!!! “It’s price per wear” – my unconvincing argument to my Dad on why the Gucci belt was worth it. So I totally understand splurging on the items you think are worth splurging for!

Did I miss a pair? Let me know on Instagram or a comment below and I’ll add it to the list!

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