Nordstrom Sale Picks + Strategy 2020

Okay, not gonna lie, I kind of DREAD the Nordstrom Sale because it equals me tempted to spend tons of money on things I don’t need.  Yet here we are with my Nordstrom Sale Picks 2020. It’s a love hate relationship. It’s nice to get deals on fall clothes before fall and winter starts, but at the same time, there items in the sale totally worth passing on. I always think – do I really need this NOW, or can I wait until Black Friday and get something similar then on sale?  Remember – it’s NOT ON SALE IF YOU’RE PAYING INTEREST ON IT.

Another strategy – it’s about what you REALLY need. For example, it’s a great time to get a suede jacket, booties, Patagonia jacket or long sweater. However,  if you already have some of these items, there’s no point in adding to cart. Make a list of something you really want before you shop the Nordstrom sale – then try to stick to it. I really only want white booties this year! Then when I looked at the sale, I was tempted with some outerwear coats. But, do I really need them? No. I’m sticking to my list and getting white booties this year. Everything else can wait!

There are also some great beauty and hair deals – from curling irons to shampoo/conditioner. However, I am COMPLETELY stocked. I don’t need any. So I’m not buying it just because it’s “on sale.” I’d rather save it for something else!

My #1 Category I don’t recommend shopping 

–  ATHLEISURE / FITNESS CLOTHING. Athleisure, workout outfits, etc go on sale all the time. I’d prioritize other items than these 100%. Zella goes on sale all year at Nordstrom Rack, and Alo Yoga does 30% everything for Black Friday. There are tons of opportunities to find athletic clothing on sale throughout the year, that I don’t find it worth it to buy during the sale. Unless it’s Sweaty Betty sweatpants! I love them.

Items I already have and love

Every year there are items on repeat in the sale. Those include Sam Edelman booties and long cardigans. I’ve tried both the BP and Leith cardigans, and recommend the Leith one over BP! It’s a little bit more, but the quality is worth it. I wear it all the time – even in the light pink! See it here in in this blog post!

Another one is a crochet Free People sweater – this I got last year from Macy’s, but it’s back again this year and in the sale. I highly recommend and wear it all the time!

If you don’t have a suede cardigan from Blank NYC – now is the time to buy. Don’t fret though – last year Blank NYC ran a 30% Black Friday Sale and I’ve seen them go on sale at the end of the season. This is just if you want it NOW before fall starts!

All you have to do is click on the item below to shop! It takes you directly to the link on Nordstrom’s website.

My 2020 Nordstrom Sale  Picks – Want List

If I could buy everything I want, this would be my list! Mainly trendy statement outerwear pieces, suede, handbags, and booties! All staple fall items.

Now I’m going to transition to shop by category! Instead of clicking on the image, I’ve linked all the products in a widget below.

Booties + a few other shoes…







Free People & Casual Tops


Okay….I know I said this was the one category not to shop….except for Sweaty Betty sweatpants. I totally want the indigo ones!

Leather & Suede


Jeans & Sweaters



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