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Why is finding a white duvet cover SO HARD??!?! I debated about 50 duvet covers, then narrowed it down to my top 4 choices. I decided to go the affordable route (under $100 duvet cover + shams) because I was afraid of my dog ruining it since we allow her on the bed (and wouldn’t have it any other way). I don’t just want a plain white duvet, because that would be easy. I want one with some type of texture or design, all while still being white and cotton.

In quest to find the perfect white duvet cover, I discovered my favorite bedding retailers: Target, Amazon, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Crate and Barrel. There were just too many choices on Wayfair / All Modern etc so I just didn’t even look. I even looked at Buffy, but they only made plain and I wanted something with a little extra on it.

As I said, I ended up going with the under $100 choices – and I ordered 2 to see how they looked styled on the bed. I got an Amazon “Tassel Duvet” in an off white color (didn’t come in bright white) and a Target “Texture Duvet” – both were $70 for King, but the Target one came with 2 shams!

Amazon Tassel Duvet 

Target Texture Duvet 

(It’s funny, the texture didn’t show up on my Nikon camera, but it did on the iphone, so I’m sharing both images below!)

So which one do I keep?!! I ended up going with the Target Texture duvet for a few reasons. It’s funny, because when I look at the pictures, I gravitate towards the tassel, but in real life I was more into the Texture. Reasons why I chose the target texture duvet:

  1. had a zipper closure (not ties)
  2.  Bright White (not ivory or off white)
  3. Less maintenance – didn’t look as wrinkly because of the texture and didn’t have to iron – I had to IRON the tassel duvet for the pic

The  3rd choice, which I am still contemplating because Pottery Barn is now having a 20% off bedding sale (!!!!), is this Camille duvet below. It’s on sale for $103 right now, which isn’t that much more expensive, it has a zipper closure, bright white, and the texture will not be wrinkly at all!

Pottery Barn Camille Duvet Cover

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