Amazon Prime Swimsuit Round Up (+Designer Dupes!)

How did we live before Amazon Prime?  Today’s drop off was a phone remote clicker for pics, apple mouse, ziploc bags, air tight dog food container, and Ross ordered “slingshot” that helps you do perfect pushups. Yes, we get sucked in to product marketing all the time.  It was a Monday, which meant heavy delivery day after the weekend.  Now to get to what you are here for – BIKINIS ON BIKINIS ON BIKINIS ON $20 BIKINI HERE, $11 BIKINI THERE, ADD THEM ALL TO THE CART. Oops its now $400….how do I start the process of elimination now?

Here’s some REAL LIFE pics of all the bikinis I’ve been loving from Amazon. There are pages on pages on pages, and its actually harder to filter through and find cute ones! I’ve got 14 to show you that I’ve actually TRIED on and the pros/cons. A few of them are exact DESIGNER DUPES – for $25 instead of $150!! In addition, I’m sharing all the other 50 bikinis I’ve found that are in the wish list, but ordering 50 bikinis might be exccessive, ya know? So pick out your favorites from the curated list – I’ve done the hard digging for you.

PS – If you’re into searching on your own, here are some key words to start with: Women’s Bikini, Bikini Ruffle, Floral bikini, Bikini Cut Out, High Waisted Bikini, sexy bikini (lol I know but it works). You can get specific too, like lemon swimsuit, open back one piece, gingham print swim. The key is to click on a cute item you see, then go to the “customers also viewed section”. This is usually where I go into the rabbit hole of searching, and before you know it there’s 30 tabs open. This is where you’ll find “similar looks” and usually better items than in the generic “womens bikini” feed.

Leopard Bikinis (This style comes in 10+ colors/prints)

Highly recommend this style! The criss cross style reminds me of an L*Space bikini, and the bottoms are perfectly in between full coverage and cheeky. They also have a ruffle like seam on the butt. Fit TTS, wearing a small.

High Waisted Stripe – L*Space Dupe

I’ve been wanting this $150 L*Space bikini for sooooo long! But didn’t want to pay full price and could never find it on discount. Finally, some random brand on Amazon came out with a dupe! In 5+ color combos!!! It fits perfect, is TTS, and is one of my top 2 favorite bikinis from amazon. The only part I don’t like is the white from the inside sometimes shows (zoom in close on my butt lol) but this is so nit picky and SO worth dealing with for the cheaper price of $19.


High Waisted Pom Pom Bikini – Stripe

The best dupe on Amazon – definitely get this instead of the $150 Tularosa designer swimsuit. It’s quite popular, and I hesitated ordering it, but it’s popular for a reason. Its SO FLATTERING and fits a ton of different body types. I mean, the way it changes to vertical stripes right around the waistline is perfect! Fits TTS – wearing a small. I love how this one one has pom poms on the back!

High Waisted Pom Pom Bikini – Black

Even though it looks similar to the striped one above, its a different fit / cut. The pom poms are a little smaller on this one. I didn’t like how to the mesh / pom pom didn’t circle around in the back (the striped one did). But I did like the mesh on this one – there is some on the top that’s hard to see in this photo. The bottoms were a little tighter as well, but held everything in nicely. Still recommend for the $20 price!!

Strappy Black Bikini

Love a good black bikini, and these straps help with a flattering fit. The bottom straps are a little tight – digging in more than sitting on top. So if in between sizes go up. The straps were skinner than what the online picture showed, but overall I love it for an elevated basic black bikini!

  Black and White Striped Bikini (Solid & Striped Dupe)

I bought this one without knowing it was a dupe to a popular Solid + Striped bikini. It’s more of a sporty style thats perfect for a day on the lake, water park, or doing an activity because it fits like a bra and you can’t really fall out of it. I love how cheeky / more high rise the bottoms are!


Blue Strappy Bikini

The only bottoms I can find like this and I love how flattering it is around your hips and makes your waist appear skinnier. Bought a M, but should have gotten a small because the top is a little loose and you can’t make the straps shorter without alterations.


High Waisted Gingham Bikini (see full post on more Gingham Bikinis here)

I loved the bottoms because they are comfortable and flattering, but the top didn’t go tight enough. The style is straight down, but it looks more like a halter in the picture because I had to criss cross the straps in the back / do a little manual sew job to get them tighter. Otherwise fit TTS, wearing a small.

Rainbow Striped Bikini  (style comes in 10 other colors / patterns)

This fit in all the right places! No issues with the straps not being tight enough and it wasn’t an adjustable style. There is padding in it, and the bottom straps didn’t pinch. This comes in a ton of other color and pattern combos if you din’t like this one.

Palm Print Bikinis

This particular style actually came from Zaful, but you can get this print in other styles on Amazon. For this exact style, check out my full blog post on Zaful bikinis with reviews here.

Shop Snakeskin Bikinis Here

Loved the higher cut of these high waisted bottoms. They were also a little lower than the other high waisted bottoms. They make this print in a bunch of styles! Fit TTS, wearing a S.

High Waisted Pom Pom – Red Bikini

Yes, it’s the same exact bikini / cut / style as the blue and white striped with pink pom poms. It just fits that well!


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