Boudoir Photoshoot – What to Wear with 9 Outfit Ideas

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Apparently boudoir photoshoots are popular to give your soon-to-be-husband as a wedding day gift. Okay ladies, before I go ANY further, WHO SAYS YOU NEED A MAN TO GET DRESSED UP AND LOOK SEXY AF FOR? Boudoir sessions can be for you!

That’s always been my mindset, and even though I have my person to live life with, a man isn’t required. You don’t “need to wait” until you have one. Or wait until your wedding day if you do have one. Or maybe you’re already married and never did a boudoir style shoot Or you’re married and you’ve done one…..but just because you’ve done one before doesn’t mean you should do one again!

The point is – don’t be afraid to shoot a boudoir photoshoot! They can be for you! The experience overall is fun, sexy, and a total confidence booster. The way to make the most of your session is making sure YOU feel confident – and a main part of that is starting with the right outfit to make you feel your best.

What to Wear for a Boudoir Photoshoot 

As I said, you have to wear what makes you feel confident! Not what you saw someone else in or because you think you have to wear a specific type of lingerie like bra and panties only. No! There’s so many different styles you can do. My first piece of advice is not to choose something that shows off an insecurity. For example, maybe you’re self conscious about your arms – so wear long sleeves. Or you don’t feel confident with your stomach showing. There’s still sexy outfits you can wear that cover those areas up. When making a choice, the best outfit for you is what you feel confident in!

Let’s get into some boudoir outfit ideas now! Overall, good places to shop are Victorias’s Secret, Nasty Gal, Boohoo, Asos, Urban OutfittersAdore Me, Fredricks of Hollywood, and even Amazon.

Outfit Ideas 

Idea 1: Silky Robe

Maybe you’re a little shy or uncomfortable at the beginning of the photo session and you need to “warm up.” Bring a robe to throw on over your lingerie and start with photos in that!

Idea 2: Lace Bodysuit

This is my personal favorite style. I think they are so flattering! TONS of options to shop below.

Idea 3: His T-Shirt or Sweatshirt

This is such a great idea if you are making it for your husband, fiance, or boyfriend! They may “complain” about you stealing their clothes, but deep down they LOVE IT. This would be a great surprise in a little book you made for them with this outfit mixed in.

Idea 4: Oversized White Button Up Shirt

Kelsey had this idea and I LOVE IT! It’s something similar to his t-shirt or sweatshirt kind of look. You can have the buttons undone except a few and have a lacy black bra peeking through. I recommend sizing up too for the oversized look if the style isn’t oversized to begin with.

Idea 5: Somethin Strappy 

Strappy lingerie is hot and it really executates your waist line!

Idea 6: Somethin Silky

Like lace, silk is another great option for nighties or a two piece set.

Idea 7: Lacy Bra & Panty Set 

Obviously, something traditional like a bra and panty set is always an option! Do whatever catches your eye first that you love.

Idea 8: Flowy Dress 

Pieces from collections like Intimately Free People would be great if you wanted to cover up more. They have a lot of flowy pieces, some see through, that may just be what you’re looking for.

Idea 9: 2 piece set / Crop Top and Shorts

Another non-traditional option that came from Kelsey. She had a lacy crop top and shorts she bought for a festival and never wore. It ended up looking perfect wearing on the bed! Elevated “PJs” basically.

Shoutout to Kelsey Young Photography

And if you’re in Nashville and looking for a boudoir photoshoot, book with my girl Kelsey Young Photography (also known as on IG) to help you feel confident AF.  She’ll help guide you with posing and more!! You won’t feel uncomfortable in her presence, I promise! Here’s a link to her private boudoir page (seperate from her normal photography account) – and if you’re a guy, sorry, you don’t get access. No creepers. Just girls that are genuinely looking to do this style photography are allowed to see! You can get great outfit ideas from the page as well.

Kelsey is also one of my good friends in real life and I love her so much! Even just book a general shoot with her – she does it all from couples photography, blog/influencer photography, senior sessions, and now booking weddings! A ton of pictures on my blog are shot by Kelsey! (and Ross) 🙂

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