Soft & Seamless Athleisure: Avocado

Who doesn’t love a soft & smooth, cozy, workout legging?! I’m all about my Lululemon leggings (especially the Align Legging) but I also like mixing it up with other athleisure and brands. Meet my new favorite brand for comfort– Avocado, or @AvoMuse on Insta.

Do you ever have to take your leggings off immediately after class, or can’t wear them all day lounging because the seams dig into your skin and leave marks? Well – it’s impossible to happen with Avocado! They are completely seamless, leaving no room for pinching or indenting your skin. The high-waist style combined with the absence of tight elastic creates the most slimming silhouette.

I will admit, since
the material is soft and thick, I don’t actually like working out in them. The
only classes I wear them to are barre & pilates; something low intensity with
minimal cardio. If I’m doing a HIIT workout, I wouldn’t recommend them.

Instead of working
out in them, I tend to wear them around the house all day because they are so cozy.They even compete with baggy sweatpants (but
way more flattering!) on a comfort level. If you’ve ever tried any leggings
from Lululemon’s Naked Sensation Collection (like
the Aligns), these would fall into that category 10x over.

Where to Buy: Currently, you can only shop directly at their
website They aren’t an affiliate of
Shop Style, the platform I use to share links directly with you. Below are the
links directly to their website to shop my exact look. You can shop my favorite shoes & sunglasses like usual!

Note on colors: I ordered the leggings a few months ago and recently
purchased the matching bra. When I received the bra in the mail, I realized
they were two different colors! I rolled with it “un-matching” as I thought it
still worked together. They do offer the Red Rock color in both the bra &
leggings, but the Rose Quartz color is only available in the leggings.

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  1. Melissa Couck wrote:

    Looks like super high quality gear. I’m probably the only person left on earth who owns zero Lululemon, but I do love anything called Avocado! I’ll check it out!

    Posted 6.27.18 Reply
  2. Unknown wrote:

    Who doesn't love comfort and style in one? I couldn't even tell looking at your pictures that they were two different colors. Looking good girlfriend. Also, checking them out asap!

    Posted 6.27.18 Reply
  3. Emily Somers wrote:

    This looks super cute and comfy!

    Posted 6.27.18 Reply
  4. I Am Keshet wrote:

    Glad you found an athletic brand you love! How are their sports bras? Xoxo Keshet

    Posted 6.28.18 Reply