Hello to Nashville & Blogging

Austin, I love you. But
goodbye for now. 

4 years later, I can still feel the overwhelming rush of the unknown, and exciting anticipation of what’s to come. Freshly graduated from college, in a city where I only knew one
person (hey @Maggie Gray), it was invigorating. A feeling of freedom,
happiness, and something I would never admit to anyone – nervousness.

I could physically feel the next
chapter in my life beginning; but had no idea how, or what, or with whom, or
where this next journey in life would take me.

Fast-forward 4 years of exploring, adventure, and little
recklessness. If someone played a 5 minute highlight reel, I wouldn’t have believed that life belonged to me. My best memories belong to Austin – the
friends who got me there, the friends who moved there, and the new friends I
made. Each of you has a special place in my heart; along with everyone else I
met along the way.

Austin’s changed dramatically over the years I lived there –
there’s more food, more downtown high-rises, more hotels, more shops, more
breweries – and it’s continuing to grow. I grew right there with the city of
Austin – discovering more of who I was and who I wanted to portray to the
world. I slowly but surely learned, nobody’s judging you, and if they are, who
cares. Let it go. You do you.

It might seem contradictory to leave the city that brings me
so much joy. As much as I’m in love with the city, I also know it’s the time
period in my life that I loved. As I head into my 26th year, I’m at
that feeling again; knowing your life is going to change. There’s still a
twitch of nervousness as I head into the next chapter of life, but peace at
knowing who I am and who I’m going to be with. I’m following my heart, right to
the next Music City – Nashville.

My biggest regret the past 4 years is leaving it
undocumented. Unwritten. I’m not going to make that same mistake twice, and I
can’t wait to share my adventures. The worthy experiences that happened in
Austin will find their place here on the blog, as well as all the new memories
I create in Nashville.

I’ll be sharing my best local recommendations as I explore
my new city of Nashville.Expect restaurants
for every occasion, hand stirred cocktails, fitness studios that kick your
booty, and everywhere I find myself in between. For everyone not in Nashville,
I don’t stay in one spot for long. Expect plenty of travel guides, outfit
inspo, product match ups, attempted DIYs, and whatever else I’m trying next.I’m a product researcher – and read every
review before I buy, so I’ll pass along my recommendations.

Hi, I'm Anna!

Welcome to the corner of the internet where you’ll find boho & bright style, travel adventures, and life in my latest “hometown” – Nashville, Tennessee. My love and I recently bought a house – and we’re taking on the renovations ourselves! You’ll be seeing more home content here – from DIY tutorials to home decor inspiration. We have a LOT of ideas for this house, implementing slowly one room at a time!

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  1. Unknown wrote:

    I love this Anna! It's great to read about your ideas and adventures! I could sure use your fashion help here in Boston as I'm getting ready for my wedding. See you soon! love, christie

    Posted 5.18.18 Reply