Happy Hiller Review – Best HVAC Service in Nashville

You’re probably dealing with some unfortunate news that something’s wrong with your HVAC if you’re googling Best HVAC company in Nashville. Let’s be honest – nobody wants to hear their HVAC unit needs replacing, because we know it’s an expensive fix! As a newer Nashville resident, there was really only one company I thought of to call – Happy Hiller! The yellow smiley face trucks driving around Nashville with the slogan, “Happy You’ll Be or the Service is Free!” really stuck out to me! 

Here you’ll find a detailed review of our experience with Hiller as a happy, paying customer!  

Our Experience with Happy Hiller – Best HVAC Replacement in Nashville

Let’s back up for some context. We bought our home in April 2020, with the original HVAC unit from 1998. Yup – we really don’t know how this older HVAC unit was going on over 20 years strong. And our house has 2 units – one upstairs and one downstairs – meaning replacing 2 was going to ring up a hefty bill. 

The previous owners escaped the expense just in time – about 3 months after moving in, during the midst of the July heat, our AC stops working. We knew the HVAC unit was done and needed a replacement.

 My husband Ross has lived in the Nashville area for 10 years, while I’ve only been a resident for 4 years with no family/resources to call upon when something like this happens. My husband’s first response was to call Hiller, and I agreed saying that was the only company I’ve seen from Nashville Predators game and their trucks around town. The trucks say, “Happy You’ll Be or the Service is Free!” and I genuinely remembered that when we actually needed service years later.

Happy Hiller Installation Experience

We were first timers dealing with any home issues, and shocked when Hiller said a project manager would be out the next day when we called on Monday morning! When the project manager came over, he was extremely friendly and we let him be while he inspected the units outside and in the attic.

After the assessment, we sat down at our kitchen table to review. I loved that first he asked about our needs before recommending a unit. He asked what was important to us, and we really emphasized the need for better air quality / filters and were willing to pay extra for that, as Ross was having really bad sinus issues since moving in.

With our needs in mind, he walked us through our options and costs. We LOVED that they didn’t try to sell the most expensive option. Our 2nd HVAC unit downstairs was still working, even though it was also on the last leg. Instead of trying to convince us to replace both, he only focused on the one that needed replacing. He actually gave us some tips / tuned that unit to extend the life of it a little longer, instead of trying to turn that opportunity into an upsell.

He walked us through the units and features on his iPad, and we selected the unit that was right for us. We took advantage of the great financing offers they had, which included a 0% interest for 12 months plan.


Happy Hiller – Fastest HVAC Service in Nashville!

We reviewed everything, signed the dotted line, and THE NEXT DAY, Hiller was back INSTALLING our new unit! Yes – we had AC again in the dead of summer after only 2 days! We cannot recommend Hiller enough for the fast, professional and caring service all of the employees provided. Everyone greeted us with a smile, introduced themselves, and very polite about coming inside of your home. 

They taught us how to use the Honeywell Smart Wifi enabled thermostats, that even have an app to control the temperature. We added a UV light filtration system and even got our filters for a year with our new HVAC unit. We were happy, paying customers for our first service with Hiller!

The Collapse of HVAC Unit 2

You could see this part of the story coming. Our second HVAC unit downstairs did last another year….until the cold weather hit in November 2021. After our first, excellent experience with Hiller, we knew EXACTLY who we would call again! 

This time around, I partnered with Hiller to create this blog post review for you in exchange for our downstairs HVAC service. I share our first experience above, as it had zero strings attached and was truly a review from a paying customer.

And of course, our second experience was no different. They arrived on time in their arrival window, hauled away the 20 year old unit, and installed the new one within 6 hours. The HVAC service was mainly done outdoors, but they do have to come inside to install the Honeywell thermostat. They are always so friendly coming inside and let you know before entering. The professional experience of everyone on the team from the receptionist, project managers to the technicians are unparalleled – you know you are calling the best!


Best HVAC Service in Nashville

So if you’re in need of a new HVAC unit, a tune up, or maybe even improving your indoor air quality – you know who to call for professional, fast, and top of the line technology for your home. Hiller is available 24/7, 365 days a year to help with any issues in your home! You can see more about their services on their website, https://happyhiller.com. In addition to heating and cooling, they also handle electrical and plumbing needs!


Hiller not only serves the Nashville area, but also in Chattanooga, Memphis, Cookeville, Huntsville, Bowling Green and more – a total of 14 locations which you can view here.

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