DIY Garment Rack Under $100

The gold and white industrial DIY garment rack tutorial is finally here! I’d searched for garment racks for months, and just never pulled the trigger. I either liked something ridiculously expensive, or something that I wasn’t sure was going to hold up. I realized it would probably be just as easy for me to make one that I absolutely love! And I was able to make it for under $100!

You can customize colors to make it uniquely yours – keep the industrial piping black or spray paint it any color you like – it doesn’t have to be gold! Same for the wood – you could actually stain it to keep the wood grain for paint it any color! I’d love to see your creative color combos – DM me a picture of your project on Instagram and I’ll reshare!

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Materials for DIY Garment Rack:

Tips on Finding the Materials:

You can find the steel conduit pipes in the plumbing section at Lowe’s/Home Depot. If you go to an Ace Hardware, they will actually cut the pipes for you if you want a custom size!

For the wood board – it can really be anything! Have a spare shelf? Have spare wood laying around? We did! Ross custom cut the wood board for me, but you can pay Lowe’s $1 per cut to cut the wood board the dimensions you want. 16 inches is a little deep, but I wouldn’t recommend less than 10 inches of depth.


  1. Spray paint the steel conduit pipes. I did a combo of Rust-oleum Champagne Mist and Krylon Metallic Gold Leaf. A few other recommended gold spray paints are: Rust-oleum Pure Gold and Satin Bronze (it’s more gold even though it’s called bronze).
  2. Paint / Stain the wood base your desired color. Wait for paint to dry 🙂
  3. Drill the 4 castors onto the bottom of the wood base – 1 for each corner area (obviously, measure accordingly so they are even). Each castor takes 4 screws.
  4. Before you drill in the flanges on the wood board, you need to build the conduit pipe rack and measure!
  5. Screw the elbow joints on each end of the shorter conduit pipe (36 inch)
  6. Hold up the Now, take a pencil and mark on the wood board where the holes for the flanges should go (the length of the conduit pipe with the elbow joints screwed in).
  7. Now you can actually drill the flanges in once you measure!
  8. Screw in the 2 60 inch conduit pipes into the elbow joints of the 36 conduit


And if you don’t feel like spending time on a DIY project, here are similar garment racks to purchase:


More Pictures of DIY Garment Rack 


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