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Using an Influencer Marketing Platform to Get Paid Brand Collaborations
Blogger Review of 20 + Influencer Platforms

Best Influencer Marketing Platform Influencer Marketing Platforms Review and List of Blogger Platforms

For today’s blogging tips, I’ll give you the low down on all the influencer marketing platforms out there that connect you with brands for collaborations. Some of these influencer marketing platforms are great for new bloggers trying to nail their first few brand collaborations, while some of them are tailored for more experienced bloggers. Depending on the influencer marketing platform, opportunities are based upon follower count – but don’t worry – some platforms you don’t even need 1,000 followers to partner!

These influencer marketing platforms have been key in my journey to help me get more comfortable understanding what brands are looking for, deliverables, contract language, and how to pitch myself. I highly recommend using some of these platforms if you are just beginning your journey to help you learn!

Breaking down my experience with each influencer marketing platform – my favorites, ratio of how many campaigns I apply to vs. my acceptance rate, and if the pay is fair. I’ve signed up with over 15 influencer platforms and give you all the deets and recommend what platforms are best depending on your followers.

And if there’s any I missed, please comment at the bottom of this post for another resource! I’d also love to hear your opinions on each platform.


My Favorite Influencer Marketing Platform as a Blogger Under 10K


Hands down – this is my favorite influencer marketing platform as a blogger with 7k followers (which is considered a micro influencer). How it works is the first 3 campaigns you have to do are product exchange only opportunities, but once you complete this, you have access to their paid collaborations! As someone with 7k, I still work for trade occasionally – if it is products I absolutely LOVE and need. The cool thing about Cohley is they offer a variety of campaigns in additional to the traditional Instagram post + story – there are only photography only campaigns (no social posts required), video only content, boomerang content, stories only, and more!

In addition, they actually have legit and cool brands on the platform. My first 3 unpaid campaigns through Cohley to unlock the next level of status were T3 Micro, Warby Parker, and GoSili Silicone Straws. Yup! Big brands like T3 Micro and Warby Parker! If you’re a bigger blogger that doesn’t work for trade anymore, this requirement may not be something you are interested in, but for me, absolutely! I now have access to 20+ campaigns that are paid at any given time, with new brands added weekly.

This is the platform I’ve had most campaigns with! Some you haven’t even seen because they are photography only campaigns. JOIN HERE


Additional Influencer Marketing Platforms Worth Joining

Ahalogy Muse

This influencer marketing platform is open to bloggers with any following, however, I’ve applied to 30 campaigns and only accepted to 1. You actually have to write a pitch to the brand in the application, on how you would style the photo, what the caption would be, etc. The main brands on this platform are food products and household brands, but sometimes a lifestyle or fashion product will show up! I partnered with Glade candles through this platform here. And this is a PAID platform – no product exchange only campaigns, which is nice. The overall campaign process, support from the Ahalogy team, and how you submit the drafts works really well! JOIN HERE


This is one of those where you sign up, but there’s no platform where you go apply to work with any brands. You literally just add your profile to their database when you sign up, and then they will email you when a brand feels like you may be a fit for their campaign and invites you to apply. The application really isn’t any formal application, it’s just connecting your social channels and hitting submit. I didn’t really start getting emails from Mavrk brand partners until after I hit 5k. Some of them are paid, and some offers I’ve gotten are product trade only – for a $10 product. Those are a hard no for me now, so I don’t apply to those. I’ve applied to about 10 of these so far, and haven’t been accepted yet. Based on my unofficial research, I’m pretty sure the brands only choose people with over 10k – because I will apply to the campaign, then see other bloggers who were accepted on IG, and all of them have over 10k or right around 10k. JOIN HERE

Aspire IQ

This is the main influencer marketing platform I heard of when I first started. The one EVERYONE talks about in those blogger and influencer facebook groups. Yet, almost 2 years later, I STILL don’t have access to this platform!! The requirements are 5k minimum followers and 500 average likes/comments. Yes, I hit the 5k minimum, but my average likes still isn’t there yet. I know it’s a great platform that most brands use, so if you meet these requirements definitely join. JOIN HERE

UPDATE: October 2020 I was finally accepted by emailing them for approval instead of “waiting.” So far, a lot of only product only exchange campaigns but lots of big brands.

Social Native

Same influencer marketing platform concept as Mavrck, where they email you “apply” but you can’t actually browse open campaigns on their website. They will only email you if they think you are a good fit. I’ve only gotten a few emails from them, all with great brand options, (including American Eagle!!! Which I was so stoked about) however, I haven’t been accepted to any. Again, I am thinking since they probably get so many applications, they are picking the bloggers with 10k+ followers. Sometimes I feel like brands on these platforms don’t really see past the “follower number” no matter how good your photography is and the quality of content you provide. This is where pitching is more successful because you can use your strengths besides a follower number, instead of a generic application on these sites. JOIN HERE


love/hate relationship with this platform. Love – they pay well. Hate – you have to create content BEFORE you’re even accepted into the campaign! So put the work/hours/effort into the campaign for them to approve you. UGH. They always ask for surveys/feedback and I say the same thing over and over, that I don’t want to go and buy product for a maybe. BUTTTTT they just added a new feature which makes them more bearable! PRODUCT ONLY CAMPAIGNS – aka NO SOCIAL SHARING REQUIRED. This is what I can get on board for – being paid to create content for brands while not having to worry about it fitting with my brand / aesthetic since I don’t have to post it. Would I have done this random deodorant campaign if I had to post about it? Heck no. But you want a picture with it for you to use for your marketing needs and I get to send you my rate? That works great for me! JOIN HERE with my referral link to check out the brands that need content!


Another one of those influencer marketing platforms where they will email you with campaign fits! As you can see, this is a popular method for some influencer platforms. It’s important you make accounts on all of them just to be sure, but it may not guarantee or translate into instant campaigns. I have only gotten 1 email from Linqia to apply, and I got it! And let me tell you, it was an AMAZING rate, and I got a bonus for the number of clicks on a link they were promoting. Definitely enjoyed the one campaign I did with this platform.  JOIN HERE

Social Fabric

I didn’t really get a lot of opportunities here until I reached 10k. Lots of higher paying blog post and Instagram only campaigns. I will say a majority of the brands on here are food brands. I just got my first blog post and social collaboration with a company for a SuperBowl campaign!

Popular Pays

This influencer marketing platform you can login into your account and see a dashboard with campaigns to apply. I think being a smaller blogger, under 10k, I’m not seeing as many opportunities as someone with more followers. Currently, all the offers are product exchange only for WAY TOO MUCH WORK – blog posts, social posts, etc, for a product not worth it to me. There may be better campaigns on this one once you have more followers,  I just haven’t had visibility to those campaigns yet. Again, I still recommend signing up with ALL OF THEM because you never know! JOIN HERE


Another influencer marketing platform where you sign up to be on their platform, but you don’t actively search for campaigns and apply on the platform. They will send you an email if they feel there is a potential brand fit, and you apply that way. I’ve only gotten about 10 emails to apply to campaigns, and accepted to 3. 2 out of the 3 campaigns were product trade only, but it was when I only had about 3k followers. I did get a paid collaboration here at 7k. Also, every 3 campaigns you do with them you get an additional $20.  I will note – when you get an email to apply – apply IMMEDIATELY. There are not a lot of spots and they go quickly. 24 hours later is probably too late. You may get invited to more campaigns with more followers, I just personally don’t have that experience yet!  JOIN HERE

InfluenceHer Collective

Great influencer marketing platform for not only brand collaborations, but tons of blogging resources and networking! This is more of a blogging community that also has brand collaboration opportunities. This platform specifically targets the Gen Z and millennial generations, with most campaigns having these demographics as target audiences. Definitely a great group to join just for the resources though! I’ve applied to about 8 campaigns through InfluenceHer Collective, and accepted with one campaign! They do have great brands, and I partnered with CVS Beauty through this platform. JOIN HERE


A Fohr profile in general is a must as an influencer! It has all your stats in one place, it’s almost like a built in resume for your blog. I refer here for my stats all the time – and brands will look you up on Fohr. They also have an opportunity platform, however, I have not ever been accepted. Again, this is a collaboration platform suited more for bloggers with a higher following, but the other features in Fohr are worth the sign up now! JOIN HERE


You can sign up with any following, and this site offers paid (submit your quote) and unpaid collaborations. I’ve only been accepted to unpaid collaborations on this site. I’ve applied for 20 campaigns and only accepted to one. The opportunities available are mainly food brands, but I have a few fashion brands like Rockport and Forever 21.  JOIN HERE


I signed up a long time ago, and honestly forgot about it. I haven’t personally gotten a campaign through this influencer marketing platform, so I have no personal experience to share, but I know you should sign up! They have big brands on here and pay well and know bigger bloggers that use this site. How it works is there’s an opportunities section to apply to campaigns. When I logged in today, I had 6 opportunities I didn’t know I had! I need to see if I can update my email settings so I know to start checking this website. Starbucks was one of the brands available for me to apply to the campaign!


Not much to say about this one because I think I’ve only gotten 1 campaign through them. There’s not a system with a list where you can apply to campaigns, their marketing managers will reach out to you if they have a campaign that’s going to be a good fit.


Not much to say about this one either because I haven’t had a campaign match. They have a dashboard, but you can’t apply to any campaigns/ see brands who are looking for influencers. They reach out to you when you have a match. They make you type in your rates and also provide a spreadsheet on rate ranges for follower count. I personally didn’t agree with their rates and thought they were too low. I put my rates in much higher than the suggested amount, so that may be why I haven’t gotten a brand fit yet. Which is fine, I’m not lowering my rate that’s accepted elsewhere.

Recommended Influencer Marketing Platforms for New Bloggers Only

If you are an experienced blogger, skip down to the next section!


These influencer marketing platforms are really only if you are DESPERATE for a brand campaign. I was here once! Everyone starts here! Don’t feel bad about it. Literally, here are the links to my first brand collaborations – this one with Neutrogena from BrandBacker, this one here from HeartBeat with Amazon Prime Video, and another campaign with AmbassaHer and Joy Razors. These are not really paid, or offer you $12 – $20 payment, which is why I say they are great for newbies when you just want to add SOMETHING to your media kit.


You may find some brands you like on here – like Amazon Prime Video and E! Entertainment. The nice thing about HeartBeat is they accept everyone, and work with “nano-influencers” – those with under 1,000 followers. The pay is low – only about $12 per campaign, but great for those of you looking to get your first campaign under your belt. JOIN HERE 


 Even for new bloggers, I don’t love influencer marketing platform because it’s a $3 a month access fee, even though there are paid campaigns. The paid campaigns are usually just $15 – $25. And honestly, there aren’t that great of brands on here. I did get a Joy Razor campaign for $25, but again, I paid for access to this platform for about a year and this was the only brand I was interested in working with. That’s $36 to be on the platform, and I got a $25 campaign. Not worth it. Maybe test it out for a month to see if there are any brands you are interested in working with if the fee is worth it. JOIN HERE


This influencer marketing platform is product exchange only, without a lot of brand options, but the 3 brands I consistently see are: Evian Facial Spray, Neutrogena products, and Peter Thomas Roth. Names you definitely recognize, and another good site for someone just starting out as a blogger! JOIN HERE


This influencer marketing platform is an app only, and after doing a few campaigns through this platform, I ultimately decided not to use it anymore. They are usually requesting way too much work for the payment terms. Mostly $40 for 2 Instagram posts! 2 posts! For a product I don’t really love – it’s just not worth it. I also don’t like how they expect you to post within 7 days of receiving the item – but you also don’t know the timeline on when they are going to accept you. You apply, then a few weeks later they accept you and you already forgot about it! Their timelines ultimately didn’t work well with my travel schedule. Like I say for all of these, it’s worth checking out yourself to see if there are any campaigns that are the right fit for you! JOIN HERE


Still a little confused by this influencer marketing platform. They used to have an “access fee” but recently removed it, so all campaigns are free. Like they should be, you are doing work!! The campaigns on here are almost all beauty products, and none have interested me so far. If you are a beauty blogger this may be of interest to you! This site also specializes in finding campaigns for micro influencers.  JOIN HERE


an app that’s free product in exchange for reviews, posts or stories. Mainly beauty products. Not much to say here because I have never actually done a campaign through them because I don’t see any paid opportunities. I browse the app all the tmie though and there are good beauty brands.

Influencer Marketing Network Summary

I missed any in general, please add to the list by leaving a comment below!

If you want to know more about my blogging journey, you can read why I started blogging here.




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