The Best Date Night Outfit for Valentine’s Day

The recipe for the ultimate date night outfit is actually pretty simple – and the perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day! Or if you’re looking for cute, girly “daytime” Valentine’s Day outfit you can check out this post here! Lots of cute heart sweaters and more inspo 🙂

Things you’ll need for a date night outfit:

  • Skirt paired with a bodysuit
  • If it’s chilly, pair with a  suede, leather or fur jacket
  • If you choose a mini skirt, grab some tights and OTK the boots
  • CONFIDENCE bc you look HOT
  • THAT’S IT …..

Kind of. There’s so many ways you can make this outfit your own by picking out what you feel comfortable and confident in. I’ll dive into how you can customize this look for each category below:

Date Night Bodysuits / Tops

Personally, I’m super into bodysuits that are sheer right now and and pairing with a leather skirt. That is totally my style right now! I’ll focus in on the bodysuits and tops here and move onto the skirts category next. Other options for a fun look include texture plays lace and satin, or a cutout style to give an even sexier look. My exact bodysuit here (also comes in black).


Date Night Skirts

Now you gotta pair that bodysuit with something. Instead of going with jeans (which totally works for another outfit option!) I highly advise tucking into a tight mini skirt or satin midi. Both are so on trend right now with tons of options available to shop! When you get a bodysuit over a top, you don’t have to worry about any bunching or lines showing in the satin material – which makes it a killer combo.




OTK Boots

If you go with the mini skirt look, OTK boots and tights can complete the look!


Booties / Heels

If you’re opting for a midi length skirt, pair with heels or fun booties!



If you’re wearing a mini skirt, opt for tights! Either black sheer or patterned black sheer are perfect.



Ut oh…’s February. Meaning it’s probably freezing outside and nobody wants to wear a tank top outside, and also sometimes a winter jacket ruins the look. Adding a suede or leather (only if you’re not wearing a leather skirt) jacket solves that problem! Now your outfit works both outside in the cold and indoors if its chilly and you want to keep it on. Fur jackets are also another option for something bold and fun!



And just in case you’re really into dresses – here’s a few that are perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Now you’re on your way to the best date night! Or a date night with your girls for Galentines Day! You can shop everything below:

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