How to Wear Sequins this NYE that’s not just a Dress

Anna Danigelis How to Wear a Sequin Blazer Style

WTH did somebody say 2020? Can someone please clarify how we pronounce 2020? Is it, two-thousand and twenty ….. or is it…. twenty – twenty ? I’m all about less work so I’m gonna go with twenty – twenty. Looks weird spelled out twenty – twenty not 2020. Okay I’ll stop this nonsense and move on to why you’re here…..SEQUINS!!

I wear sequins year-round, however NYE is a great opportunity to try sequins if you’re a little gun shy about standing out in the crowd on a Tuesday. Oh oh oh, if you need more sequins ideas after this – you can check out my sequins and fur post here – because yes you can wear both statement pieces at the same time!!

There are endless ways to wear sequins that aren’t just a dress. Individual sequin pieces like skirts or tops have endless possibilities for pairing – they go with just about anything from jeans to leather. Consider sequins just an elevated solid in your closet.

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Trend Edit #1: The Blazer


Trend Edit #2: The Kimono


Trend Edit #3: The Pants


Trend Edit #4: The Not So Average Mini Skirt


Trend Edit #5: Colorful


And because you just can never go wrong with a sequin dress – here we go! I wanted to showcase all the different ways you could try sequins before heading to a sequin staple. Out of my favorites though is this sequin jumpsuit!!

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