Casual Sweaters for Thanksgiving + Early Black Friday Sales



Hey Guys – it’s me writing from the Aria in Las Vegas in real time for this post. Woke up with nothing to do while Ross plays golf, so obviously I decided to indulge in my favorite past time – online shopping. What a lucky day to start browsing the internet! So many retailers are having EARLY black Friday sales, like RIGHT NOW, today! Perfect timing to get a new outfit for you before Thanksgiving. These are some of the retailers I found with major discounts:

I’ll be publishing another Black Friday Sale list next week!

Pleasantly surprised with these sales, I shopped a bunch of oversized Thanksgiving sweater options for you, and a majority of them are on sale! Here’s what I said last year  (2018) about styling an outfit for Thanksgiving (and I still feel the same):

“The most comfortable, easy outfit for Thanksgiving is an oversized sweater and leggings! (also see Guide to Leather Leggings here) Elastic waistbands are your best friend. There’s nothing worse than having to unbutton your pants at someone else’s house NOT wearing a long enough sweater to cover it up after 3 extra servings of mashed potatoes. This Free People Oversized sweater pictured is my #1 recommendation. It comes in over 6 colors, extra thick, NO WOOL, stretchy, and long enough to wear as a sweater dress!”

2019 Update: I  STILL STANDBY THE FREE PEOPLE OTTOMAN SWEATER. And they brought it back this year because it’s such a staple – and it’s currently on sale for $99. I’m thinking about getting it in another color, but I can’t pick! Maybe the maroon? Anyway, I love this one so much because you can wear it with leggings or dress it up with tights and OTK boots.

NOW ONTO THE SWEATER SHOPPING!! Everything I found is Under $100 – I advise clicking on the item to see what the “real price” is – many of the websites are running a discount with a coupon code at checkout!


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