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Oh Ray Bans…how I love you…and lose you. I don’t know why I keep rebuying you after they fall out of my pocket, drown in a lake, stolen from a car, or just straight up disappear.  This guide is a memoir to all those Ray Bans acquired and lost over the last 10 years. RIP. Thanks for giving me the knowledge to write this guide.

I love variety in my sunglasses – for all my different moods, activities and outfits. Each shape, frame, and and color usually go with a particular style or activity I’m doing that day. Breaking it all down for you below, along with my top Ray Ban recommendations for Men and Women! I’ll preface with:

  • Face Shape: I have a smaller, more round/oval shape face and these are the styles that work great for me!
  • Always spend extra for polarized: ALWAYS. Don’t even consider non, it’s a waste of money and totally worth spending an extra $50 to get the most benefit from your sunglasses
  • RayBan.com Customization Tip: Some RayBan color combos in the store (Sunglass Hut, Macy’s etc) don’t offer polarized in a particular color combo. No worries, just go to RayBan.com to customize your pair, it’s the same price.

The Round

The round is my favorite shape, most versatile! I love this shape so much I’ve gotten it in 3 different colors!

Match Everything: Gold Metal Frame / G-15 Lens Color

These are my new GO-TO for everything. Match every outfit, summer, winter, spring, fall. No wonder you see everyone on the internet in these!!! They are pure gold and effortlessly cool. My number 1 recommendation!

Flashy / Match Most / More Summery: Gold / Copper Flash Lens

These guys are the summer version of the style. You can get the mirror in any color (green, blue, pink, purple, you name it) – but this coppery light pink is almost a neutral, so I love it! The only downside on mirrored lenses is pictures – you usually can see the reflection of the photographer or your selfie arm, but in real life the reflection looks amazing!

Fun / Bold / Different:  Blue / Purple Flash Lens

These my friends, are just different. I’ve never seen anybody else wear them, and they surprisingly match more than you would think.  Not just to the pool or beach in the summer, but in the winter they are perfect for a ski trip with the white mountain background. Unfortunately, I’ve bought 2 pairs and lost them both. The second (replacement) pair, I lost on the FIRST DAY of owning them. So I don’t think I’m getting a third at this rate, lol.

Also – the online pictures do not do the “real life” sunglasses justice!! They are so much more vibrant in real life, like the pictures below.

The Hexagon

The next “it” shape!! The cool girl next door that doesn’t want to be the same as everyone else. If you’re trying to do something different than the popular round shape above – THIS IS IT.  For the pair that matches everything and is transitional to any season and outfit, go with the Green Classic G-15 lens (same as the 1st Round shape lens above, just in a different shape). Because I already G-15 lens in Round,  I switched it up with a flash lens in silver.

Polarized Tip: Unfortunately, (really don’t understand why Ray Ban does this) The Hexagon shape in gold / Green 15 is NOT available in polarized from stores (ie Sunglass Hut, Macys, etc). In order to get Hexagon shape, Green 15 lens, and polarized, you have to customize it on Ray Bans website. And it actually doesn’t cost more money! Just takes about 2 weeks to ship instead of 2 days.

The Erika

The Erika is another style I have on heavy rotation, designated for more for “athletic” activities. The frame comes in metal and plastic, and both have different vibes (see pictures below).

Plastic Matte Frame

The plastic frames are more practical for tons of activities (football games, water parks, hiking, actual activities). Comfort reigns superior on this pair, taking the title for the most lightweight, barely there feeling in my sunglass collection. Seriously, it won’t feel like you’re wearing ANYTHING in these. I also love them because they come in a matte color, which is different than the typical shiny plastic.

TIP on ordering POLARIZED in matte brown –  the matte brown does NOT come in polarized in the stores. EASY FIX! All you have to do is make a “custom” pair online on Ray Ban – and it is the SAME EXACT PRICE. That was the only way I was able to get the Erika’s in Brown Tortoise, matte, and polarized.

The metal Erika’s come in a ton of colors, which are all dressier than the plastic. Gold is versatile enough for any season, and remind me a little bit of the Round Metal sunglasses, with a thicker frame. I used to wear them more, but now that I have the Round in Green 15, I tend to continuously reach for those over this pair. Again, if you’re just trying to be different, this would be another good choice, as it’s neutral enough to match anything.

The Aviator

Not gonna lie guys, the 3 shapes above are MY JAM. Clearly, because I buy them in multiple colors. When you know your shape, you just know.  The aviator on the other hand, isn’t really my face shape. I had the smaller Aviator shape in blue Flash lens, back in 2015, for a few months. I lost these during a crazy week of SXSW when I got into the wrong Uber and then left my purse in it. Typical weekend shenanigans back at 22.

I found ONE SELFIE (from SnapChat) of me wearing them – so here ya go. This shape might work for you, but I would buy the blue Flash lens again in Hexagon or Round before I did the Aviator shape again.

The Wayfarer & New Wayfarer

The original sporty pair! I haven’t had these styles in years (like 2014) because of the newer styles that came out (Erika, Round, and Hexagon). Now with the additional options, I think the Wayfarer shapes are better suited for men – which are Ross’s staple sunglasses.

Difference between the Wayfarer and New Wayfarer: The Wayfarer frame is larger and has a slanted angle. The New Wayfarer is a smaller frame, and does not have a slant. Personally, on me, I preferred the New Wayfarer shape as the Wayfarer completely covers my eyebrows and the slant of the lens just doesn’t sit well on my face.

See some pics below of Ross in the New Wayfarer shape (brown tortoise, he also has black) and Wayfarer Ease in a fun bright blue color. The bright blue ones are actually his favorite, I would highly recommend as a gift! There’s also a picture of me in his Blue Wayfarers, so you can see what I mean on the size.

P.S. his are prescription so the Ray Ban logo is missing from the lens. Oh, and there’s me in the Purple Round and Hexagon shape again. We bought the bright colors together on a trip to Mexico as our souvenir.

The Clubmaster

The Hipster style that I can’t pull off. I’ve worn a friends pair ONCE for a photoshoot, and it turns out I didn’t like them so much I wasn’t looking up in any of the pictures, the one I have below is the best I have. Some people can pull this off, I’m not one of them. This is another shape that would be a good gift for a guy if he’s less sporty and more trendy.

RayBan Recommendation 

For Women: 

Overall, I highly recommend getting a Green Classic G-15 lens color – either in Round or Hexagon. Make sure to “customize” the Hexagon shape online at RayBan.com in order to get polarized lenses.

My second recommendation would be the Erika shape, and I personally love the matte look in brown or black. Similar to above, if you want matte and brown, make sure you customize at RayBan.com to get polarized lenses.

The third pair to add to your collection should be a flash lens – I love the copper lens and the bright blue lens. Flash lens you do not need polarized, as the flash mirrored reflection has a similar effect. Since these are your “fun” pair, you can get any shape!

For Men:

I think all men need a plastic sporty pair – so either the Wayfarer, Wayfarer Ease, or New Wayfarer. These will be their go to for sports and being active. The plastic helps sits tightly around the ears and there isn’t an uncomfortable nose piece like you get with metal frames like Aviators or Clubmasters.

Okay, what if your guy isn’t super sporty (ie his clothing of choice isn’t golf shorts and a polo) and more into trendy pieces or has a little bit of hipster in his step. Then go for the ClubMaster style!!

These are Ross & I’s favorite pairs below:

Let me know if you have any more questions on Ray Bans in the comments below!




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