Ultimately, we are all striving to be healthy in the best ways we can, both mentally and physically, to live a long, HEALTHY, happy life. We each may have different goals, but we’re all on similar paths.  Let’s be real – this takes conscious, daily effort, where daily small choices add up in the long term.

We all know certain environmental and food chemicals are bad for us – ranging from cancer causing to infertility issues.  I’d say we’re pretty good at avoiding putting them into our bodies through our food, as we buy organic milk, cage free eggs, local produce, hormone free chicken, and scour the labels for those sneaky additive ingredients. We know certain chemicals or chicken raised with antibiotics can have an adverse effect on our health – yet they are still on the market. Thanks government.

We spend so much time investing in our health through our food and physical fitness, but we usually leave out the largest organ on our bodies – our skin.

Earlier this year, the reality check that I spend so much effort to ensure I’m putting the right nutrients in my body through food, and never thought TWICE about the ingredients that are ABSORBING through my skin, hit me like a wall of bricks.

SOOOOO…..how did I one day wake up and have this epiphany that I was putting harmful chemicals into my body through skincare and makeup choices?

Funny story. I had the most wonderful AirBnB GUEST who left me a thank you gift! Meet Meghan. Educator, mom and marketing genius. It was a little goodie bag of skincare samples and a little pamphlet on this company called Beatycounter.

Initial reaction – eyeroll. This seems like just another one of those MLM, pyramid schemes, or networking marketing companies who’s messaging every girl on Instagram, “Hey girl, I think you would be a great fit to make money with me”, etc. More product pushing.

Pump the brakes with that thought right there, because first of all, Beautycounter is a B-Corporation, and sells online direct to consumer, at retail stores, and also through consultants, so it’s absolutely NOT a MLM marketing company.

Hmmmm, B-Corporation sounds fancy, never heard of it. That’s because there are less than 3k companies that have the pleasure of earning B-Corp status, which is  “a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.” Companies such as Patagonia, TOMS, Athleta, and KickStarter are also B-Corps. Celebrities that support the Beautycounter movement and include Gwyneth Paltrow (sold on her site Goop) and Amy Schumer loves the products.  

Other fun facts on why Beautycounter is different (thank you Meghan for your blog post inspo):

  • We are a company that is educating and CHANGING LAWS in the beauty industry.
  • We are leading the WORLD in the clean beauty movement.
  • We are 100% transparent.
  • We were the #1 googled beauty brand in 2018.
  • We are making a difference.
  • We are making a significant income while simultaneously having a significant social impact.

Now that I derailed on bit of B-Corp education, let’s go back to the samples Meghan gave me. I started using them. And I LOVED them! So much that I introduced my family to Beautycounter in Chicago over Thanksgiving (Meghan came to our hotel and we had a “spa day”!)  BUT what I enjoyed more, and what I really wanted to share with them, was the brand’s mission – to get safer products into the hands of everyone. The education that came along in that goodie bag was more valuable than the products, and introduced me to “The Never List” and the facts about how unregulated the beauty industry is today. 

“The Never List” includes over 1500 harmful or questionable ingredients that are prohibited in any Beautycounter product.

Okay….What’s so special about The Never List? Do other company’s abide by similar standards? These facts may blow your mind.

Okay, whatttttt. The US government bans only 30 harmful cosmetic ingredients, while the European Union has over 1.4k banned??

And our last law passed regulating the beauty industry was in 1938?!?! Oh my stats are getting worse. Since 1938, 80k chemicals have been registered for use in our products, but only 10% tested for safety. Seriously, government get it together.

That’s WHY Beautycounter was created – to get safer products into the hands of everyone, where they are advocating to raise the bar for beauty industry standards and creating their own never list for their products.

There’s not another personal care company that puts this much rigor and testing into their ingredients to deliver safe and effective products.

At this point, from facts alone, I’m hooked on why safer skincare is the only option for me.

I’m not going to continue to feed my body properly, but still have harmful chemicals seeping through my skin and working their way into my bloodstream. Not only do I love the Beautycounter product line, I feel good about what’s absorbing into my body.

I’m so happy Meghan shed light on the truth of the unregulated beauty industry, which is why I’m continuing the education journey with all of you! Quote from her – “Being part of this movement is not about annoying your friends to buy products or join your team. It’s so much bigger than that. Our first pillar is about education. Who wouldn’t want to tell the people they love this information?”

Suddenly my “why would I be apart of this?” changed to WHY NOT?

Who wouldn’t want to join a movement that going to help you make a significant income AND make a social impact? I encourage you to hop over to Meghan’s blog, as she can eloquently open your eyes to the impact and Beautycounter can have through her article. “If you think I’m just selling lipstick, you’re not paying attention.” My initial excuse of “I don’t have time” lasted 6 months before I finally took the plunge to go for it, and you can too! Your mind will make up excuses from fear, so you have to push those out.

Don’t look back in a few years saying, I wish I gave it a go. 

My content will still mainly be fashion, but you will be seeing Beautycounter more in makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and more blog posts to educate you! I’ll be sharing which Beautycounter products are my favorite in an upcoming blog post, but for now you can know the “musts” for me  are:

  • Overnight Resurfacing Peel (think facial in a bottle) 
  • Facial Oil #1 Brightening vitamin C 
  • Adaptive Facial Moisturizer 
  • Cleansing Balm (jack of all trades, can use as a moisturizer for super dry skin or makeup remover!)
  • Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer (lightweight coverage with SPF)
Shop these products here! 

You can find more information at Beautycounter’s website, or take the Skincare Quiz for a customized list of recommendations.

Feel free to fill out the form below to contact with any questions you have – from skincare recommendations to information about joining the movement – I’m here to help! 



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