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Brunch Location: Liberty Common

Whether you’re visiting Nashville or a local, you’re bound to be on the quest for brunch. I mean, breakfast is a staple meal and perfect way to start your day with a group of friends. And it also satisfies those picky friends or men who prefer lunch options. Use this guide to help determine the brunch fit for your group based on the best brunch in Nashville! 

Best Aesthetic / Insta Worthy

Hampton Social

Liberty Common

Filled with bright natural light, this french inspired cafe and restaurant will be the perfect backdrop for an instagram post. No matter where you’re seated – the blue booths, scalloped textured walls, or the gold modern bar, there’s a photo op everywhere. Even the wallpapered bathrooms. Obviously, I came here for the picture over food. Food is overpriced for what it is, it’s good, but nothing out of this world. The parking here is highly inconvenient, paid $20 for 1-2 hours. The location is perfect for visitors or being dropped off by an Uber, as it’s 1 block from Broadway. Still, this would be my number recommendation for brunch for visitors of Nashville, LOL, because, pictures.

The Mockingbird

Best Healthy & Eclectic Experience

Butcher & Bee

A Nashville transplant from Charleston, this is where you will find unique, healthy dishes without the typical 2 eggs, toast, and bacon breakfast options. For the unique, healthy meals offered, the prices are not expensive. Green eggs and lamb with avocado hollandaise? Or avocado crispy rice? Balance the healthy options with a breakfast dessert to share: the fluffo-nutter. Hot honey peanut butter, bananas foster, marshmallow, and sourdough concoction. Yes please.

Best Balance between Healthy and Indulgence – with a Giant Menu 

Milk & Honey

This one is more traditional than Butcher and Bee, and may be better for someone who isn’t into trying new, unique foods where you have no idea what you ordered will look or taste like. Which, FYI, if that is you –  I challenge you to broaden your horizons just once! I promise you, you’ll discover something new. This used to be me. 

Back to Milk & Honey – a large menu where you can find the traditional brunch to something more healthy with grain bowls or speciality toasts. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner with a full bar available at all times. The location in the Gulch is ideal – you can get a picture at the Wings mural while you wait in line. For a full Nashville Mural guide, check out my post here.

Quickest Brunch

Caviar & Bananas

This little marketplace is such a gem! This is an ideal spot for so many occasions – meet a friend for coffee, grab a lunch with a friend, a spot to hang out by yourself and get some work done. A large, well lit cafe and marketplace, there are four main “food stations” that are order at the counter, and a variety of lounge, bar tops, and regular tables where you can relax and eat. Food stations:

  • Breakfast counter and coffee bar – breakfast is only available until 11 am but the coffee is brewing all day.
  • Salad Station – Build your own custom salad or choose one off the menu – they are all made on the spot.
  • Hot / Cold Bar Station – The menu items may rotate, but you can order flatbreads, lasagna, pasta salads, veggies (brussel sprouts), and more from this station.
  • To Go Fridge – in a hurry? Grab a sandwich or salad pre-made, along with snacks or drinks, in the cafe area.

Best Biscuits

Biscuit Love

A Nashville staple that will guaranteed have a line out the door at the Gulch location. Disclaimer – the line does go by faster than you think, but they do offer online ordering now! Recommendation is to clearly order off the biscuit menu, but the hash dishes without the biscuit are also up to par. My biscuit orders are usually the S.E.C. or the Southern Benny. Ross goes with the fried chicken biscuit on the East Nasty.

Best Traditional (Have men in your group? Take them here.)

The Tavern

Filling, a wide variety of options, and a pub-like setting. Definitely a place that’s well received by the boys. Aka Liberty Common is the exact opposite. Giant bloody marys, and multiple egg dishes that are different. I bet you haven’t had breakfast like the Singapore Stir Fry – rice, sunny side eggs, bacon, scallions, sweet & spicy soy, prepped in a wok. You can also get maple syrup fondue for the table with fruit, red velvet waffles, sausage, and more to dip for breakfast dessert.

Best Buffet (Another good option for the boys)

Urban Grub

Into seafood? And extremely hungry? The seafood and charcuterie bar is famous here! Crab legs, lobster, shrimp, the whole works. They are also a smokehouse, so all the charcuterie is made in house. If all-you-can-eat isn’t your thing (it’s not mine), you can order off the traditional menu. A casual brunch spot in 12 South with a large, shaded patio.

Most Playful

Pinewood Social

More into hanging out, drinking, and having fun? This brunch spot is for you! With a bowling alley inside the restaurant, it’s a great place for a large group. In the summer, there are wading pools outside and another good picture spot. A few years ago Ross ran into Reese Witherspoon here and I’m still not over it. They do have easy brunch for everyone – I’m a fan of the breakfast tacos, but maybe it’s because I miss Austin, TX, the capital of breakfast tacos.

Casual Coffee Shop + Works for Lunch


A local fav to grab a coffee, lunch, and stay awhile with your laptop. Fido is a casual quick bite where you order at the counter and grab a table. Stay as long as you like. I actually love Fido for lunch over breakfast – the sandwiches are amazing. I’m also a sucker for a good sandwich. (Also note: Michellen’s Deli, but thats strictly sandwiches and not exactly a brunch category).

Feeling Fancy – For the Foodie 

Looking for the restaurants foodies love, but also serve brunch? These restaurants are sure to delight and satisfy those palettes looking for something refreshing and unique. Mushroom polenta 

Henrietta Red






What to Skip

Pancake Pantry – As a visitor, you may have heard some hype around Pancake Pantry. The line will be wrapped along the block on weekends, and surprise, they make pancakes! Nothing too special, except that you *might* spot a famous country artist eating. But honestly, 99% chance you’re not. So go enjoy a culinary experience over a plate of pancakes. Unless of course, you are obsessed with pancakes and truly want to enjoy one of their 23 pancake flavors.

If you’re a Nashvillian, what did I miss? Anyone travel to Nashville recently and loved a brunch spot? Comment below to share the knowledge!


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