Ugly Christmas Sweater Round Up!

Looking for a last minute ugly Christmas sweater for an
upcoming holiday party? A few years ago (referring to 2009 like it was recent, LOL), this didn’t used to be a thing.  I feel
like it was SO DIFFICULT to find an ugly Christmas sweater, anyone else agree?!
It took digging through racks at multiple Goodwill’s and Salvation Army’s all
while coming home with nothing. In high school (hence my 2009 reference), I distinctly remember walking
the mall with my mom searching every store for a sweater. We finally found one
from Christopher J Banks, and it wasn’t branded as an “ugly sweater”, but
considered part of their normal collection….oh how the times have changed.

Anyway, we’re way past that now and Ugly Sweaters are now
mainstream and new versions come out every year! I’ve rounded up all the best retailers that sell decked out Christmas sweaters. I’ve included a special
section for sweaters under $20 (because who really wants to spend a lot on something
they wear once?).If you’re interested
in something more unique than a sweater, I recommend either a jammie onesie,
fun headband/jewelry accessory, or a sweater vest. See below for all my picks!

What else are you looking to wear this holiday season?

Holiday Sweaters Under $20


Men’s Attire

Ugly Christmas Sweater Picks

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