Wild for Leopard Looks

Leopard has always been around, but it’s having a major
moment this year. If you haven’t already picked up some leopard for your
closet, I HIGHLY recommend it! It’s just one of those prints that makes you
feel good, fierce, wild, and FUN. It’s a look that transforms you, and you’ll
have a smile on your face all day!

You can either do it big or small, but I’m all about the go
big or go home life. I went all in with this leopard bomber jacket, and OMG. I swear
this jacket makes me even more fun than I already am (insert crying laughing
emoji here).

Side story time. I bought it in Chicago, and wore it out
that night – you know it’s a good purchase when you wear it immediately. There
was a parade happening downtown, and we ended up dancing in the streets (half
to stay warm, half the power of the leopard) with the crowds cheering us on.
People probably thought we were drunk, but no, that’s just personality. Later, we bumped into a group of people that were next to us, and they screamed “OMG HEY!! IT’S THE DANCING GIRLS!!”

Anyway – back to what you’re here for. This leopard jacket
adds some unique touches with the black and white stripes around the collar,
sleeves, and bottom of the bomber jacket. It’s surprising thick and extra warm.
For reference, I’m wearing a M (because it was the only size in the store), so
you can totally size up and it will fit!

If I haven’t sold you on a leopard bomber yet……I’m
disappointed in myself. BUT maybe wearing something that bold isn’t your thing
(even if it isn’t I encourage you try it just once!) so I’ve found some more
subtle ways to incorporate leopard. A great small way is an accessory – like a
mini wallet! I’ve had the calf hair wallet since last year and it’s held up
better than I thought!

PS – this leopard bomber is selling out fast. It was
restocked yesterday on one website (I got the email notification yesterday
morning it was restocked so it inspired this post) and by the EOD they were
already sold out. GOOD NEWS. I found a different retailer stocked in ALL sizes
and an extra 20% off – making it almost 50% off and only $53!! Woohoo!!

What’s your favorite leopard look?! Jacket? Vest? Shoes?
Scarf? Sweater? Wallet? Purse? ALL OF THE ABOVE?!


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