What Barry’s Bootcamp is Really Like

I just finished a Barry’s Bootcamp #barrysbender 9 classes in 14 days challenge – and as a prize I’m giving you a sneak peek into The Red Room! I feel like Barry’s Bootcamp can give off an intimidating impression, especially if you’re new to the studio. I’m going to break down what the class is really like – and what keeps me coming back!

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Top Reasons why I
love Barry’s Bootcamp:

Honestly, there’s just no better feeling than leaving Barry’s
Bootcamp satisfied, sweaty, and ready to conquer your day. But here’s more:

  1. No class is ever the same
  2. No matter what you will sweat
  3. Trainers know their stuff – they are educated, friendly, and
    run class efficiently
  4. Perfect mix of cardio and strength training (class split 50/50)
  5. Love how each day of the week focuses on a different muscle
  6. Not just a physical push – but a mental push to keep going,
    especially on the treadmill when you want to quit. It feels like you can do
    ANYTHING after getting through class!
  7. They play really loud, motivating music
  8. I love staring at myself in the mirror while I run (LOL
    sorry not sorry)
  9. They have a protein shake bar for after class
  10. They have the basics: showers & towels (best water
    pressure EVER)
  11. They stock the locker rooms with  fancy products like Oribe & Good Hair Day
    Blow Dryers

Class Vibes:

Room with ~20 treadmills and ~20 floor stations. It’s called
the “Red Room” because it’s dark and cool with red lights. The music will be
blasting, most likely to hip hop or rap. They are all great beats to run to and
get your mind focused.

Class Format:

2 Stations, Circuit
Workout Style:
Treadmill and Floor – you are assigned a number (ex. T-14 or
F-14) and you swap stations and go to your assigned number.

Circuit: Usually
you go to each station 3x, for a total of 6 rounds (3 treadmill, 3 floor). I
like how this is always fluctuating to keep you guessing! The timing of each
round can range from 5 – 12 minutes. In general, that’s why I like the class so
much. It will ALWAYS be different. There’s so many moves and even Arms &
Abs won’t be the same 2 Mondays in a row.

Nashville Weekly
Class Schedule:

Monday: Arms & Abs

Tuesday: Butt & Legs

Wednesday: Chest & Back

Thursday: Abs

Friday: Full Body

Saturday: Full Body

Sunday: Full Body

Treadmill Station:

Its interval running,
so you usually jog, run, sprint, walk (recover) throughout the round, anywhere
from 5 – 12 minutes. The trainer will shout instructions the entire time on
what speed and incline you should be on. It’s nice between you can pick your run
speeds to accommodate your fitness level.

  • Beginner Pace – Jog: 5
    mph Run: 7 mph Sprint: 9+ mph
  • Intermediate Pace – Jog:
    6 mph Run: 8 mph Sprint: 10+ mph
  • Advanced Pace – Jog:
    7 mph Run: 9 mph Sprint: 11+mph

Floor Station:

All the exercises on the floor will be focused on the muscle
group you are working that day.

Just like on the treadmill, your trainer will call out exactly
the exercises you’ll be doing and demonstrate them. They will also shout the
equipment you need to grab as you’re making your way off the treadmill and to
your floor station (same number as your treadmill) – including recommendations
on dumbbell weight if you are using them. Props for the floor rounds include
resistance bands, medicine balls, booty bands, and dumbbells. You usually do each
exercise here for 1 minute before switching to another – it’s a circuit.


Overall, it’s designed to be a hard, sweaty workout that
allows you to push yourself. You can go to class and just go through the
motions, or you can really get after it. The trainers are giving you an
outline, but it’s really up to you on how hard you push yourself and not
quitting when you’re shaking or out of breath. Commit to yourself and why you
came – I know I didn’t show up for 60 minutes of my day to be mediocre.

If this style workout isn’t something you normally do, I
want to tell you, you can! Give it a try. It’s 100% more mental than physical. You may surprise yourself on what amazing
things your body can do if you set your mind to it. I
could have let the excuses pile in on why I couldn’t make it to 9 classes within 2 weeks, but with the mental commitment I made to myself, I made sure I scheduled it as
a priority in my day.

Trying your First

If you’re interested in trying a class, Barry’s Bootcamp is
offering Friends with Benefits through September 18th. This
basically means 2 classes for $15. If you have a friend that’s a member, they
can bring you to class for $15. Then, after completing your first class, your 2nd
class is free!

Message or comment if you want to attend a class in
Nashville with me!

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