Bridesmaids Proposal Gifts – How to Ask Your Bridesmaids

Ahhhhh, you are finally wondering how to ask your bridesmaids and want to send them bridesmaids gifts box to ask! Congratulations on your wedding, btw! SO EXCITING!! I put together bridesmaids proposal gifts below to get some inspiration, especially for a destination wedding!

I absolutely LOVE putting together gifts, so I had some fun asking my bridesmaids! Here’s how I asked and the bridesmaids gifts I put together to ask them to be my bridesmaid and maid of honor.

I ended up ordering custom cookies, and was working on a deadline so I didn’t have time to wait for extra customized items (monograms) so most of the items I was able to find on Amazon with 2 day shipping!

Bridesmaids Proposal Gifts: Bag Instead of Bridesmaids Box

Y’all – boxes are expensive! I was going to be spending $10 a pop on a box they were going to throw away. I decided to go on the hunt for a cheap, cute bag that they could reuse again. First instinct was Forever 21 – and I was right! Depending on what time you are reading this, my clear purses may or may not be in stock but you can browse everything here. They were on sale for $11 AND came with a makeup bag instead! Win win – reusable, useful, and not a box they were going to throw away.

Useful Items – Especially for Destination 

If you’re having a destination wedding, add some essential travel items into the box! I added a cute suitcase tag (each girl got a different design according to personality), travel jewelry case and travel perfume. I wanted the jewelry case to be monogrammed, but I didn’t have time to order custom. So I ordered a plain case from Amazon (each girl a different color) and painted on their initials in the corner in gold paint! Super easy DIY 🙂

Bridesmaids Proposal Gifts: Brumate & Sparkling Wine

You can’t ask without sending champagne! I opted for sparkling rose because that’s more my style – and went with a canned style over glass so I didn’t have to worry about glass breaking during shipping. In addition, I paired it with a Brumate Slim Hopsulator to keep everyone’s drinks cold. I was going to go with the Brumate wine glass, but they were out of stock in glitter rose gold at the time and that was the color I wanted to send them!

Cute Hair Accessories

Accessories are really affordable from Amazon. You can get a pack of almost 100 scrunchies on Amazon for $10 – so easy to add a few to each girls box. I did the same for hair clips!


Beauty Products

I’m all about clean beauty, and love all of my DIME beauty products. I thought I would share the love and send my friends a few of their matte lipstick stains and perfume samples. If you’d like to try DIME – you can get 20% off your order with ANNADANIGELIS20. Here is the link to the liquid matte lipstick and mini perfumes. 


Gold Bracelet Stack

Beaded bracelets are really in right now – especially with names on it. Again, I was crunched on time so I couldn’t order a custom bracelet stack from Etsy, so I went with just plain ones from Amazon.


Bridesmaids Proposal Gifts: Custom Cookies!

This was SUCH a cute way to ask my bridesmaids! I loved how it was written on the cookie and I did a cookie theme to our Arizona, desert vibe wedding. Kendall Taylor Cookies KILLED THE DESIGN. I literally just said desert themed boho, an engagement ring cookie & a margarita. I absolutely love the dessert sunset cookies with our wedding date on it. Kendall Taylor Cookies is a Nashville based custom cookie creator, and I HIGHLY recommend her for any of your cookie or event needs! They are SOFT and tasty (she used almond extract and I loooooove the taste of almond extract in cookies).


I topped off the gift with a card & note on how I couldn’t do my wedding day without them! I hope this post gives you some inspiration to ask your own bridesmaids to be in your wedding party! Everything that was linkable on Like to Know it is available below to shop.


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