6 Ways to Build Healthy Habits in 2021 (when New Years’ Resolutions aren’t your thing)

Ugh…..that title sounds so …..magazine. So cliché. SO OMG READ THIS, DO THIS, and YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE – You will now be a happier, healthier person! I’m notttt trying to do that to you! These 5 things aren’t magic and not going to make you happier. Honestly, they aren’t even new, ceiling shattering ideas – more like good reminders.

Finding real happiness takes some actual soul searching. Some high moments, and most definitely experience in some low moments. Living life for YOU, not by the fear of what others will think is the most freeing thing you ever do! So if you want to be happier, I’d start there. I can’t answer what sets your soul on fire – you have to do put in that work yourself.

Anyway – let’s get to the point of healthy habits! It’s 2021. New Year. Woo. You can see my excitement through the words. It’s that time of year when everyone is setting new goals, and new year, new me vibes.

Well, it’s January 12th and I haven’t really set any goals myself, yet here I am writing an article on 5 Ways to Build Healthy Habits for 2021. New Year’s Resolutions aren’t really my thing either. But I do plan on executing the 5 below habits!


1. Drink More Water

I like to think I drink enough water, but it turns out I don’t drink as much as I thought. I recently got the Just Add Watur bottle with a time marker reminder, and I wasn’t finishing the bottle! It’s helping me stay accountable and actually drink 64 oz. a day. It’s sleeker than the other bottles I’ve seen – not a lot of extra text or logos, just small hourly times.  It also comes in 6+ colors while being a lightweight, BPA free plastic!

In addition to a water bottle, I love to cheat with Liquid IV. If you haven’t heard of Liquid-IV, it’s exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a flavor packet you add to your water that speeds up the absorption and other nutrients into your bloodstream. Strawberry is my favorite flavor! You can use discount code ANNADANIGELIS for 20 – 30% off (they change the % frequently!)


2. Join a Fitness Program

You may not be wired this way, but I NEED monetary commitment tied to my workouts for motivation. I actually need to pay for something / have the risk of not going to class equals being charged a $20 no show fee. So if you’re feeling like you’re lacking motivation, tie money to it. It can be a $10 fitness app, or a $150 unlimited boutique fitness studio – as long as it’s something! I’ve tried and loved the Kayla SWEAT App, Classpass, and Pure Barre.

3. Adding Walks into your Routine

Since this is about “building” healthy habits, I was going to suggest getting a dog so you’ll be more likely to go on walks, but I know that’s not the feasible answer for everyone. So I’ll stick to just walking! I’ve been taking my AirPods with me on walks with my dog listening to podcasts. You can read my favorite podcasts for bloggers / entrepreneurs here. 

4. Find Supplements that are right for you

There’s so many advertisements to supplements! Heck, I even advertise for supplements (I did get hooked on those ACV gummies lol).  But have you gotten a doctor’s opinion on what’s right for your body? Not just an online quiz, but recommendations after some basic blood work? I’ll admit, I’m a very healthy person (have no family history of anything really) and rarely go to the doctor except for yearly check ups. The one I don’t do though – is a general doctor. I love my specialists, but it’s a goal this year to go to a general doctor and get a recommendation on supplements my body needs.

5. Incorporate the Ivy Lee Method into your Day

We all get our inspired somewhere! This one is taken directly from the Skinny Confidential. She’s probably way better at it than me, I execute a lazy person’s version of this. So I guess you can say one of my goals this year is to get better at time blocking and prioritizing the to do list. I recommend you read her article, she explains the origin and the Ivy Lee Method and why writing down 6, and only 6 priorities/tasks to accomplish that day – and how to execute.

6.  Buy a Cute Workout Outfit that Doubles as Loungewear

Go ahead and treat yourself – buy the newest workout set you’re eyeing! There’s nothing better than a new workout outfit, and honestly they have converted into my everyday wear anyway. I work from home, and only desire to be comfortable! A bonus: by putting on a in a workout outfit in the morning, I’m more motivated to actually get my workout in during the day! See what I did there? I justified the shopping purchase as a motivator for working out! Below are some of my Adidas picks – I absolutely love the Adidas Swift Run shoes for everything from running to the grocery store to walking a few miles. The Adidas hat is also a staple for covering up dirty hair. And of course, a logo tank! I love how this one is cropped and has a hidden tie.



Let me know what helps you stay healthy and productive!

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