Lack of Color Hat – Is it Worth it? And a Notable Dupe

Lack of Color hats are expensive, yet so beautiful. Are these fedora hats really worth the over $100 price? I questioned this too. For the last few years, I’ve been perfectly fine with my less than $50 fedora style hats….but then I started to notice small differences with the higher quality hats, like Lack of Color, and my cheap hats from Target. Even though the Target hats are wool as well, they just don’t stand the test of time like Lack of Color.

Haven’t heard of Lack of Color? Don’t worry, I hadn’t either. And when I did, I was like so THESE are where people get their gorgeously designed and perfectly perched hats. They make a variety of styles – from straw sun hats for the summer to wool hats for the winter. For this article, I’m focusing in particular on the wool hat line, with 3 main differences compared to cheaper hats I’ve tried like Target or Nordstrom’s BP line.

Lack of Color Hat is It Worth it

Benefit #1: The Shape Lasts 

The most important difference – the shape actually lasts. There’s no constant “punching” the top of the hat to try and reshape it to look like a fedora. The cause of this is because the material on the cheaper hats are too thin and they don’t hold their shape. The brims are also thin, making it look more floppy. The Lack of Color hats are 100% wool and the overall hat material is thick and sturdy. The top part of the hat is molded and doesn’t move even with constant wear.

Benefit #2: The Brim is less Floppy

Unless the hat design is in particular supposed to be floppy, the brim is wider than my other hats and doesn’t bend since the wool is thicker.

Benefit #3: More Unique and Luxe Looking

The ribbon quality adds a more luxurious and unique look than a standard ribbon. They do make hats with plain ribbons, but for me, if I was going to splurge, I wanted it to look different.

Where to Buy Lack of Color Fedora Hat Beverly

Where to Find / Buy Lack of Color Hats

Until recently, the brand was hard to find at retailers in the US except boutiques and their website. As Lack of Color is an Australian based company with hats made from premium wool there, all hats ordered from their website ship from Australia. Recently though, retailers such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Anthropologie started carrying the Lack of Color line. They don’t have all the hat styles you’ll find on the Lack of Color website, so I recommend browsing their site first to get an idea of which styles you like and then check to see if they are sold at those other retailers. Here are direct links to what’s currently in stock of the Lack of Color brand:

Show Me your Mumu





Red Dress Boutique 

Anthropologie (sometimes)

Madewell – I’ve been really like the Wyeth brand they carry – they look really quality and a little bit different of a style for around $80.


I found Lack of Color on Amazon as well! This is actually where I ordered mine from because it was the only website I could find a size small (even the Lack of Color website was sold out of my size). But now this exact Lack of Color Beverly Hat I’m wearing is available Lulu’s! Shop here!  It’s also available at Red Dress Boutique too! It sells out quickly in general so snag it while you can.


A few of my other favorite Lack of Color Hats: 


There are other fancy hat brands out there, like Hats N Roses or Stetson, but you’ll find those are just as pricey or pricier for a hat. I personally have just fallen in love with the Lack of Color designs! Keep reading for a recommendation on more affordable brands that are still high quality.


Lack of Color Hat Fedora Anna Danigelis

Noteworthy Lack of Color Dupe

Don’t get me wrong, the less than $20 hats from Target and similar retailers work, but they don’t make as big of an outfit statement as my Lack of Color hat with the profound shape, less floppy brim, and unique ribbon design. I borrowed it from a friend so I don’t actually own it, but loved it!  The Urban Outfitters fedora hat here that comes in 4 colors is the best alternative option that’s more affordable for $48.

It doesn’t have a unique ribbon design, but perfect for solid color!  The wool is thick and the fedora design at the top holds its shape and the brim isn’t floppy.  See below for a picture of the Urban Outfitters Hat!

The UO hat has been out of stock lately, so this Free People hat is also similar for $58 or boater hat for $78.


More Alternative Options to Lack of Color

In addition to the Urban Outfitters hat, I’ve found that Red Dress Boutique and The Mint Julep Boutique carry affordable fedora hat options – I’m talking about $35 affordable! Anthropologie just started carrying another line that’s under $100 as well.

Red Dress Boutique 

Mint Julep Boutique 



Free People 


Madewell – Wyeth


Shop All Lack of Color Hat Picks


Are there other high quality hat brands you love? Comment below!

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