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Yes, cozy fleece sherpas *MIGHT* be basic because everyone and their mother has one in two colors. They do for a reason. It’s like Uggs. SOOOOOO COZZZYYYY. Luckily, with popularity, more brands start making them and they come in more unique designs, patterns, and colors at varying price points.

The light pink Sherpa I’m wearing is mock neck turtleneck for only $28. One downside – no pockets. Or, you can always go tried and true with the Patagonia fleeces that will last for years – no matter how many times you wash it. I’ve had mine since freshman year of college, going on year 10. Oh. WOW. Just realized I was freshman in college almost 10 years ago…..(2010). Moving on…… LOL. But really, the Patagonia still feels like the first day I got it. I found a Patagonia fleece  on sale (30% off!) marked down from $100 to $70!

You can shop more fleece sherpas below – if you like a particular “style” I would click on it it shop because most of them come in multiple colors!


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