Last Minute Halloween Costume: DIY Unicorn

A Unicorn. Not all that original, but you can make this costume your own with a little TLC and DIY. Nothing complicated either – I pulled this costume off in less than 24 hours, and I know you can too! All it takes in some clothes you already own in your closet, a few accessories, and some glitter makeup. Bonus if you want to add pink hair! In total, I spent $11 on the unicorn headband, $12 on pink hair, and $21 on makeup I didn’t already own. You may already have some of the makeup required and won’t need to spend as much!

The sole reason behind wanting to be a unicorn came from an excuse for pink hair. Cue a quick Google search for “Halloween costumes with pink hair” and of course, one of the top results was a unicorn. Should have known!





Now let’s break down the details.

Outfit Details

This part doesn’t matter as much as the makeup, hair, and unicorn crown.I used a draped white tunic vest in my closet and converted it into a dress. You can use any white dress in your closet. Or pink. Or jumpsuit. Honestly anything close. I almost wore a pink jumpsuit but couldn’t find it in my closet, haha.Even a white skirt and white top or something similar. Get creative and I promise you can repurpose something you already own!

Unicorn Crown

Essential yet super easy because apparently unicorn crowns are a popular item on the market. I actually doubled up wearing 2
headbands, one flower crown headband and another Unicorn Horn headband. The unicorn horn headband was ONLY $1 from the Target dollar section. The flower crown headband I found at H&M, but they had some at Target too if you need to one-stop shop.  Other cute ones here (first 2 featured are the exact items I wore, except found a multi-colored flowers on the headband in store):

Hair Details

I debated the Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint and the Loreal Colorista 1 Day Spray Rose Gold at Target. I ended up going with Krstin Ess, and LOVE the results. It lasts 1-3 washes. However, this brand only works for blondies. If you have darker hair, go with the L’Oreal spray. I took a YouTube video of the application process and how it turned out and will be posting ASAP! I’ll update the blog and let you know on Instagram once I do. Or just subscribe to my channel on YouTube for a notification!

Make-Up Details

This is actually even simpler than it looks, just do your usual routine and add some glitter. You could get creative and add more but this is a baseline for you to start with.

Face: Once you have your foundation/face set, do your liquid eyeliner. I’m usually horrible with liquid eyeliner, but this NYX Epic Ink Pen is AHMAZING! Can’t even tell you how accurate it was and easy to apply. And its only $7! Now it is Halloween, so go a little more dramatic than usual with extra thick lines and winged.

Highlighter: In addition to my normal face routine, I added a highlighter stick for some extra glow. I used Bright Idea illuminating Highlighter Stick by NYX. You can probably use any highlighter you already have, I just didn’t have any so I bought this one.

Eyes: Next, use a pigment cream eye shadow for a more dramatic, thick metallic eye shadow that will stay put for hours. I used foil play in French Macaroon by NYX for $7. Before you put it on, you should start with an eyeshadow primer or glitter primer. I’d never used pigment or primer before, and didn’t know what to expect. The primer was a clear, oily and moisturizing liquid similar to olive oil. Once the primer is set, shake a few dabs of pigment onto your finger and just start spreading across the eyelid. I went all out spreading across the whole lid, even onto my face down to my my cheekbone.Another place to add it is on the inside corners of your eye. The eye shadow covered up the winged eyeliner, so I recommend doing another coat on top. It’s easier now that you have an outline from earlier to trace.

Glitter: Once you have your eyes done, I added some more glitter on my face! I put more primer on my cheekbone to ensure it stuck, and dabbed on some silver metallic glitter. It was more sheer than the Foil Play pigment in ice. Really, just go crazy with the glitter adding as much or little as you want to make your look. You can also put glitter along your collarbone, arms, anywhere really if you want to add more. TIP: make sure mascara is your last step! You don’t want glitter getting on top of it.

Lips: Don’t forget a bright fun lippy! Hot pink, bright pink, or a purple shade all work great.I like MAC Flat Out Fabulous for
matte magenta, or what I’m wearing in the pictures is Smashbox Tabloid

What are you being for Halloween? Are you last minute like me, or had your costume planned for months? If you end up being a unicorn, dying your hair pink, or using any glitter for your costume, TAG ME! Send me your pictures on Instagram! I would love to see all the creative ways you made this costume your own!

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