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You know that aaaahhhhhh, very satisfying feeling at the end of the day when you can take your bra off? Yeah, me too! It feels sooooooo nice. BUT YA’LL – there’s a more comfortable solution out there!! It’s called not wearing a “real bra” and turning your girls’ attention to BRALETTES.

I’m usually wearing a bralette 60% of the time, 30% no bra,
and 10% actually sucking it up and putting on a real one. Ross always sends me scientific research on how not wearing a bra actually makes your girls perkier 😉 but that’s besides the point! My point is, once you start
wearing bralettes, they turn into a daily trend.

Where do you buy a magical bralette? Free People is the queen of bralettes. Victoria’s Secret has stepped up their game, but Free People is the O.G. and popularized the trend. Free People’s collection has grown over the years, but there are 2 main styles you need in your closet: seamless and lace.

1) Seamless – Free People’s seamless collection is a game changer. It feels like you are wearing nothing, and the designs on the back are the perfect solution to racerback tank tops in the summer. No more worrying about bra straps showing or having to deal with a strapless bra. I have 3 different back designs and 4 colors depending on the outfit – but they are all equally comfy. I styled all 3 with the same top so you can see how each design looks with a tank on.

2) Lace – I will say, these are not as comfortable as the seamless collection, but they are a huge upgrade from an actual bra with wires and clasps. I wear lace when the top is more low-cut in the front and the lace adds an extra touch in the front & the back. The seamless style really only adds a style element to your backside.

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  1. Melissa Couck wrote:

    What a great post! Bralette’s are everything right now, but the choices are endless. Thank you!

    Posted 7.10.18 Reply