Simple & Inexpensive Wall Decor: Gold Foil Maps

You know how the picture aisles in Home Goods are filled with meaningless sayings and encouraging words on a canvas? I stare at them, enjoying the cute design & perfected calligraphy, but I can never picture it in my
home.  Live, Laugh, Love. You can do this! You are amazing! Sparkle! Shine! #BOSSLADY. Okay fine I’m done. But see? After a few mornings waking up to the same saying while I make my morning coffee, I would be back in Home Goods buying a new saying.

Instead, I present you something a little bit more meaningful to fill your walls. The inspiration actually came from the bathroom wall at Pure Pilates in Austin, they had an amazing gold foil map of Austin. I loved the idea. It got my creative energy flowing, and I came up with buying the 2 maps of the cities near to my heart – Austin & Nashville.

When I got home, I immediately went to Etsy to find gold foiled maps. There were lots of options, but I liked the birds-eye view street map. They come in varying sizes, but to keep it on the inexpensive side I went
with 5×7. My favorite white cheap picture frames are the Ribba frame from Ikea, only $2.99 for a 5×7 picture in a 8×10 frame. It gives the illusion that the picture is bigger, since frame takes up more wall space.

To complement the maps, I searched for simple gold foil designs to take a square of 4 picture frames total. I found solid dots, and I actually really liked the idea of a world map. The only one I found had the word Wanderlust, but it doesn’t bother me much. The main focus on the walls is the maps, and the other two are there for space. The Wanderlust and dots pictures actually come as a set – 2 for $18!

Pick a city, or two, or more and start searching for gold foil map on Etsy. You’ll be surprised at the numerous options! Pick a city that reminds you of home or inspires you for the future – it’s a fun way to add a personal touch to the décor on your walls in an inexpensive way.

Maps of my cities on Etsy:

Austin, Texas – first city I moved to after college, where I really became an “adult”, where I met Ross, the list goes on for how much this city means to me!
Nashville, Tennessee – where I currently live!
Chicago, Illinois – I actually have never lived here but my brother does so I included it since I love the city!
East Lansing, Michigan – my hometown

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