Bootie Breakdown: How to Find your Perfect Pair

GUYS. I have so much to say about BOOTIES! It’s THE most
essential and versatile item for fall, and even winter and spring depending on
the style.

If you’re like me, you probably want every pair. Suede, leather, low cut, above ankle, open toe, brown, grey, black, THE LIST GOES ON. There are so many options! And you practically convince yourself you NEED every style and color to match different outfits. I’m praying it’s not just me who has this problem….

SO – after years of buying and hoarding endless styles of booties in my closet, I’ve picked out the ONE essential pair you need. These will help suppress the urge to buy a new pair, because you already own the most versatile pair in your closest that you can pair with different outfits. Keep reading for details on the perfect pair, AND a breakdown of all the other bootie styles & how to pair them.


Not just any bootie – it pairs well with jeans, skirts,
shorts, and dresses! Not every bootie can do that.

The Jeffery Campbell Suede Bootie adds height, doesn’t show
dirt, and has a low, cut, BENDABLE wire edge to create the exact look you want.
The grey beige suede is the perfect neutral color – it pairs with blacks and
browns. I’ve had them for over a year, and choose them every time over my
leather low cut booties. They are the ONE bootie I bring on trips, because I
know they can go with every outfit.

I’ve styled with jeans, jean shorts, a skirt, AND a dress.
They are so comfortable even with the height – I can wear them all day walking
downtown or on a night out.

Best part is – they are ON SALE, a part of the Nordstrom
Anniversary Sale. I bought them during this time last year, and they brought
them back again!

If you’re still not convinced – there’s one more feature
that sets these apart – the bendable front edge of the shoe. You can tighten
them around or ankle, or fold them out. Whatever fits your mood and outfit!



Low, hitting at or below
Ankle Booties
– These are the Jeffrey Campell’s pictured above. THE most versatile
style! My personal favorite! You technically don’t NEED any more booties if you
have these. There are still a few different places the bootie can cut off your
ankle, and I advise choosing a pair that either dips or has the lowest edge
along your ankle to elongate your legs. Having a shorter, dipped front edge enables
you to wear them with dresses, shorts, and skirts – not just jeans like the
high ankle booties. Another option besides the Jeffrey Campbell’s are these Vince Camuto’s.

Verdict: Yes.
Yes. Yes. Yes. This is all you need, or your “starter pack” to booties!

Tall, Above Ankle
(Chelsea style) – only look good with jeans or pants. Least
versatile. When you try to wear with a dress or shorts, they hit too high above
the ankle, cutting off length. As a short girl, I never sacrifice an inch off my
legs! If you’re wearing jeans, these Sam Edelman tall booties are a great option.

Verdict: Nice
addition to the closet, but not necessary. I recommend adding these to your
shoe collection as a supplementary pair once you hit the basics…keep reading 😉

Open Toe Booties:
Okay, love these for transition months in the spring and fall when its still
HOTTTT. But they still aren’t the pair to prioritize. I’d pick close toe over
open toe if you’re investing in your first pair, because you can wear closed
toe through more seasons. These TOMS open toe perforated booties are still an ultimate fav, with some other options here, here and here.

Verdict: Again,
everything is a nice addition to the closet. I would prioritize these more than
the close toe tall booties since these actually have benefit – keeping you
cooler during the hotter months.

Leather vs Suede:
I think there’s circumstances for both, and I do recommend having a pair of
each, in different colors. Personally, I wear my suede booties more often.

Color? Black, brown,
or grey:
I do think you need a black and brown pair. For me, I own black in
the higher ankle style because I only wear them with leggings or jeans. Since I’m
so pale, I don’t like wearing black shoes as much with dresses, unless it’s a
thin ankle strap heel. A subtle grey or beige color blends better with my legs
than a stark black, chunky bootie. My personal style leads me to black tall, ankle
booties (Chelsea) and beige low cut booties. Some other “neutral” colors to
consider – olive and maroon. I have both and love them for something different!
But again, a nice addition and not the #1 you should have in your closet.

I hope you have enough info to make the best bootie choice for your style! Especially this time of year when there are an overwhelming amount
being promoted for the #NSale. This should help narrow your choices down to
what you actually need.

What style are you adding your closet this year? Shop this whole post here!

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